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Wrecks gallery
A screenshot of the glitch in action.
A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location Wrecks gallery
Reproducibility Medium
Cause Code
Harmless Yes

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The wrecks gallery has a small glitch, in that it displays the incorrect mugshot for the selected opponent.

How to[]

Select any opponent on the Wrecks gallery by using the left/right red arrows on the top. Then, select another opponent by clicking on them.


The mug of the opponent that was previously selected will remain, while the selected opponent changes.


This is likely a programming oversight. When the player changes the current vehicle by pressing either arrow, the game changes car, description, name and mugshot. When clicking on the opponent however, they forgot the line that changes the mugshot. Something like the following snippet of pseudocode:

arrowChangeCar(newOppo){ =
  currentOppo.desc = newOppo.desc
  currentOppo.mug = newOppo.mug

clickChangeCar(newOppo){ =
  currentOppo.desc = newOppo.desc

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