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Yon freeze

A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location Any small level
Reproducibility Low
Cause Engine
Harmless No

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When playing on a small map, like USS Lewinsky or any small custom environment, if the player's yon is too high, the opponents will be unable to recover if they need to, resulting in a freeze.


Increase the yon to around 120 by entering options mode and pressing Shift+6. Then play on any of the levels that take place on the USS Lewinsky. After a bit, the game should freeze.


The game will freeze. Sounds can still be heard, but the game's process must be killed with something like the Task Manager.


When an opponent needs to recover, it'll be teleported into a path node that's outside of the player's view. In other words, any node that's not within the player's yon circle.

If the player's yon is too high, all of the possible path nodes may be within view, so the game will enter an infinite loop trying to choose a spot, resulting in a freeze.


For a normal player, the best workaround is to just lower the yon when playing on small maps. For those that want to go one step beyond, though, there are other things that can be done.

Seeing as the crash happens because all path nodes are within the player's view, placing an extra node out of reach will usually do the trick, unless the player sets their yon to a really high level, which normally doesn't happen.

One way is by placing a node really high. Although this fixes the freeze, it isn't too useful, seeing as if the game chooses that node to teleport the opponent into, it'll be stuck in mid-air until it's within view (physics don't apply to opponents out of view). Additionally, if the opponent manages to continue, it'll suffer from a long fall, which looks weird, and can damage the opponent unwillingly.

Another solution is to add path nodes near the map's limits, as well as a "safety node" somewhere really far away. These are normally so far away that in order for all of them to be within view, the player's yon needs to be extremely high. When an opponent needs to recover, it'll pick one of these points, if no other point is available, but seeing as these aren't good spots, they'll need to recover again. They'll cyclically pick another spot, over and over, until the player eventually drives into a spot that frees up one of the path nodes on the track itself. The problem with this method is that some opponents may not appear until a "good" node is available, which could take a while, but an even bigger problem is that these constant recoveries will take a lot of processing power.

Note that for both cases, the nodes need to be connected to the node network, and must have a path type of 0.

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