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The location's map.
Levels Early Morning Riser
Tequila HiRise
HiRise 'n Fall
Missions Launch the Statue
The Rich Switch
Blow the Joint

HiRise (also called Hi Rise, short for High Rise) is the fourth location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000.

General info[]

This is another urban area, even more run down than the last one. There are even more sunken and collapsing buildings here - some have even fallen into the sea. The location consists of the land in the South and a smaller island to the North, surrounded by a highway and the sea. A third islet in the West supports the main landmark - a massive statue of a man.

There are several routes over the water. The main two islands are connected by the highway, as well as by two Bascule bridges on the North/South roads. You can also drive along the sewer in the South, which ramps up at the end so you can jump on a building in the river. The statue island is joined by a couple of underwater tunnels.

The Southern town has higher and lower levels; when travelling South along the Western bridge, there is a dirt slope on the right that allows quick access to the higher streets.

In the South-East is a glass building, with a lift to the rooftops inside. In the North-East is a Bank, with vaults in the basement. Minor landmarks include a courtyard and a petrol station. There is a sewer, though it is much smaller than the ones in the Slums.

The Southern end of the map has the usual perimeter wall, with leading roads covered in mines. The way over is the tallest skyscraper in town; this is toppled in the last mission and used as a ramp to the next area.


  • The enormous statue is in all of the area's levels, even though you launch it into space on your first mission here[confirmation needed].
    • The statue is "…some dude who looks kind of familiar. He might even be some ancestor". It has a great resemblance to Max Damage.
  • The bank only has vault doors in the second mission. Handily, that's also the only time the vaults have contents.


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