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Pop the Sucker
Going Ape

Hollowood is the first location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000.


The level is set inside an amusement park. It is split into distinct sections, which are numbered on the map:

  1. A motorcycle stunt park, featuring a large vertical loop, ring of fire, and rows of buses to jump over. There are also spectator stands and various other ramps.
  2. A Wild West town (called "Wild Waste"), including a mine, a ranch and an American Indian settlement.
  3. Some robot-shark-infested waters, with wooden walkways above and mines within.
  4. A miniature city being attacked by a huge animatronic gorilla (which is ultimately used to escape the area),
  5. There is a computer room hidden inside the cliff to the North. It is first accessed during the mission "Send in the Sharks", and can be entered freely in the levels afterward.
  6. The haunted house stands over a crypt, which contains zombies (or humans in zombie costumes).

There are also a couple of small fast food joints (Satan's Salami and Fish & Chimps) and some storage buildings. Many peds are dressed accordingly, as Stuntmen, Indians, Zombies or Chimpanzees.

The police vehicle for this location is Killa Kart.


  • One of the food stores in the area (and the park's sponsors) is called Satan's Salami. Their logo is a hint - "Salami" is a slang for "penis".
  • Fist N' Chimps stands in for Fish and Chips.
  • This was the map used in the TDR2000 alpha test demo.

Cultural references[]

  • Hollywood - The whole level is an obvious parody of the location and it's film studios. It even parodies the sign.
  • Jaws - The mission Pop the Sucker involves blowing up a giant shark. Low ominous music plays when it is close by, similar to the movie shark's theme[confirmation needed].
  • King Kong - The giant ape in the central area (named "King Konk" on the surrounding posters).
  • Batman - The hidden room inside the cliffs, complete with computers, is similar in concept to the Batcave, Batman's secret headquarters. The map suggests calling it the "Rat Cave".

See also[]

  • Stunt Park, a multiplayer level based on a section of this location.


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