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Each powerup in the Carmageddon series has an icon that represents it, even Carmageddon for the Game Boy Color. This icon is shown on the game's HUD when the player obtains its powerup, and disappears when the powerup runs out. Normally, a timer or use counter is next to the icon.

Depending on whether it's a regular powerup or an item, the icons will show up on either the left part of the screen or the bottom. It depends on each game's HUD.

Logically, instantaneous powerups don't have icons.

Note: Icons are not to be confused with the pickups' graphics.


This is a list of the available icons. If "none" is used, nothing will appear on the left side of the HUD, not even the powerup's remaining time. In Carmageddon, these icons must end with .PIX in order for the data files to accept the powerup's icon. In Carmageddon on iOS, the icons are on the TDX format.

Name Image Funsize image Powerup
(Splat Pack only) cNUTTER Icon C1 turbobast N/A Turbo Nutter Bastard Nitrous
(Splat Pack only) SMICRO Icon C1 minipeds N/A Miniature Pedestrians
(Splat Pack only) SNAIL Icon C1 mollusckpeds N/A Mollusc Pedestrians
c5vouch Icon C1 freerecovery Icon CiOS c5vouch Free Recovery Vouchers
Ccfreze Icon C1 frozencops Icon CiOS ccfreze Frozen Cops
Cdamage Icon C1 damagemag Icon CiOS cdamage Acme Damage Magnifier
Cexplo Icon C1 explopeds Icon CiOS cexplo Explosive Pedestrians
chand Icon C1 insthbrake Icon CiOS chand Instant Handbrake
chotrod Icon C1 hotrod Icon CiOS chotrod Hot Rod
Cinvuln Icon C1 invulner Icon CiOS cinvun Invulnerability
cmturbo Icon C1 megaturbo Icon CiOS cmturbo Mega-turbo
Cofreze Icon C1 frozenoppos Icon CiOS cofreze Frozen Opponents
Crepair Icon C1 frerepar Icon CiOS crepair Free Repairs
csolid Icon C1 solidgranite Icon CiOS csolid Solid Granite Car
cturbo Icon C1 turbo Icon CiOS cturbo Turbo
cviewop Icon C1 pedsfromhades Icon CiOS cviewop Pedestrians From Hades
cviewped Icon C1 pedsonmap Icon CiOS cviewped Pedestrians Shown on Map
Cwater Icon C1 underwater Icon CiOS cwater Underwater Ability
Dgrease Icon C1 greasedtires Icon CiOS dgrease Greased Tyres
Dgrip Icon C1 gripomatic Icon CiOS dgrip Grip-o-matic Tyres
Dturbcop Icon C1 turbocops Icon CiOS dturbcop Turbo Cops
Dturbopp Icon C1 turbooppos Icon CiOS dturbopp Turbo Opponents
Dturbped Icon C1 turboped Icon CiOS dturbped Turbo Pedestrians
sblind Icon C1 blindpeds Icon CiOS sblind Blind Pedestrians
sbounce Icon C1 bouncybouncy Icon CiOS sbounce Bouncy Bouncy
Sdrugs Icon C1 drugs Icon CiOS sdrugs Drugs
selectro Icon C1 electrobast Icon CiOS selectro Pedestrian Electro-bastard Ray
Sgiant Icon C1 giantped Icon CiOS sgiant Giant Pedestrians
sglue Icon C1 pedsglued Icon CiOS sglue Pedestrians Glued to the Ground
Sgravj Icon C1 gravityjupit Icon CiOS sgravj Gravity From Jupiter
sgravm Icon C1 lunargravity Icon CiOS sgravm Lunar Gravity
sharvest Icon C1 pedharvest Icon CiOS sharvest Pedestrian Harvest
Sjelly Icon C1 jellysusp Icon CiOS sjelly Jelly Suspension
srockspr Icon C1 rocksprings Icon CiOS srockspr Rock Springs
Srubber Icon C1 pinball Icon CiOS srubber Pinball Mode
svus Icon C1 vesuvian Icon CiOS svus Vesuvian Corpses
Swall Icon C1 wallclimber Icon CiOS swall Wall Climber
cirepair N/A Icon CiOS cirepair Instant Repair
ctimer N/A Icon CiOS ctimer Timer Frozen or Time Bonus
sgrav N/A Icon CiOS sgrav A powerup that swaps the gravity?


  • cirepair, ctimer and sgrav are only icons on the Funsize port. In the original game's files, these powerups have their icons set to none.
  • In the original Carmageddon, Pedestrian Respawn has its icon set to Cpfreze.PIX

Carmageddon II[]

"none" has the same effect it has in Carmageddon.

Name Image Powerup
afterburner Icon C2 afterburner Afterburner
bollocks Got 'im in the bollocks
bouncybouncy Icon C2 bouncy Bouncy Bouncy
CANCELOUT Icon C2 powerupCancel Powerup Cancellificatinizer
cloak Icon C2 cloak Cloaking Device
damagemag Icon C2 acmeDmg Acme Damage Magnifier
dismemeber Icon C2 dismemb Dismemberfest
drugs Icon C2 drugs Drugs
DRUNK Icon C2 drink Drink Driving
electrobast Icon C2 bastardRay Pedestrian Electro-bastard Ray
etherialpeds Icon C2 etherealPed Ethereal Pedestrians
explopeds Icon C2 explosivePed Explosive Pedestrians
fatbast Icon C2 fatPed Fat Bastards
freerecovery Icon C2 5Free Free Recovery Vouchers
frerepar Icon C2 freeRep Free Repairs
frozencops Icon C2 frozenCops Frozen Cops
frozenoppos Icon C2 frozenOpp Frozen Opponents
giantped Icon C2 giantPed Giant Pedestrians
gravityJupit Icon C2 gravJupiter Gravity From Jupiter
greasedtyres Icon C2 greasedTyres Greased Tyres
greesedpeds Icon C2 greasedShoes Pedestrians With Greased Shoes
gripomatic Icon C2 grip-o Grip-o-matic Tyres
groovinpeds Icon C2 groovin Groovin' Pedestrians
heliumpeds Icon C2 helium Helium-filled Pedestrians
hotrod Icon C2 hotRod Hot Rod
immortpeds Icon C2 immortal Immortal Pedestrians
insthbrake Icon C2 instHB Instant Handbrake
invulner Icon C2 invul Invulnerability
jellysusp Icon C2 jelly Jelly Suspension
kangeroo Icon C2 kangaroo Kangaroo on Command
lunargravity Icon C2 lunarGrav Lunar Gravity
megaturbo Icon C2 mega-turbo Mega-turbo
minemortar Icon C2 mortar Slaughter Mortar
mineshitter Icon C2 mineShit Mine Shitting Ability
minipeds Icon C2 miniPed Miniature Pedestrians
mutantcorpse Icon C2 mutantCorpse Mutant Corpses
NAPALM Icon C2 pedFlame Pedestrian Flamethrower
oilslick Icon C2 oilSlick Oil Slicks From Your Arse
opprepulse Icon C2 oppRep Opponent Repulsificator
pedanihilator Icon C2 pedAnihil Pedestrian Annihilator
pedpanic Icon C2 pedPanic Pedestrian Panic
pedrepulse Icon C2 pedRep Pedestrian Repulsificator
pedsonmap Icon C2 pedMap Pedestrians Shown on Map
pinball Icon C2 pinball Pinball Mode
pissed Icon C2 pissArtist Piss-artist Pedestrians
rocksring Icon C2 rockSprings Rock Springs
slowmopeds Icon C2 slowPed Slow Motion Pedestrians
solidgranite Icon C2 solidGranite Solid Granite Car
stickinsekt Icon C2 stickInsects Stick Insects
stupidheds Icon C2 stupidHeads Pedestrians With Stupid Heads
stupidpeds Icon C2 stupidPed Stupid Pedestrians
suicidalpeds Icon C2 suicidalPed Suicidal Pedestrians
TAIL Icon C2 wowTail Mutant Tail Thing
TAILCUT Icon C2 severTail Sever Tail
turbo Icon C2 turbo Turbo
turbobast Icon C2 turboNutter Turbo Nutter Bastard Nitrous
turbocops Icon C2 turboCops Turbo Cops
turbooppos Icon C2 turboOpp Turbo Opponents
turboped Icon C2 turboPed Turbo Pedestrians
underwater Icon C2 underwater Underwater Ability
VALIUM Icon C2 valium Pedestrian Valium
wallclimber Icon C2 wallClimb Wall Climber


  • The icon bollocks exists, but it doesn't have a graphic.

Carmageddon TDR: 2000[]

The icons' numbers are taken from their image file and position in the Assets\Stuff\hud.pak\Powerups* files, starting with 0.

Note that some icons are shared, specially between unused powerups. In addition, there are 11 more icons, but these were never really meant to be used.

Number Image Powerup
64 Icon C3 hovercraft (NBP only) Hovercraft Car
66 Icon C3 smokemines (NBP only) Smoke Mines
65 Icon C3 wheelspikes (NBP only) Wheel Spikes
67 Icon C3 badgas (NBP only) Bad Gas
68 Icon C3 meteorstorm (NBP only) Meteor Storm
8 Icon C3 acme Acme Damage Magnifier
0 Icon C3 turbo Afterburner, Mega-turbo, Turbo, Turbo Nutter Bastard Nitrous
58 Icon C3 shell Artillery Shell, Rocket Fuel Drum
5 Icon C3 bouncy Bouncy Bouncy
32 Icon C3 brake Brake Failure
61 Icon C3 stealer Car Stealer
11 Icon C3 catch Catch Powerup, Rock Springs
30 Icon C3 dismemberfest Dismemberfest
14 Icon C3 drink Reversed Controls
50 Icon C3 drugs Drugs
31 Icon C3 ethereal Ethereal Pedestrians
18 Icon C3 exploPeds Explosive Pedestrians
36 Icon C3 fat Fat Bastards
42 Icon C3 freeRec Free Recovery Vouchers
41 Icon C3 freeRep Free Repairs
44 Icon C3 frozenCops Frozen Cops
43 Icon C3 frozenOpp Frozen Opponents
59 Icon C3 fuse Fuse
17 Icon C3 giant Giant Pedestrians
51 Icon C3 jupiter Gravity From Jupiter
7 Icon C3 greasedTyres Greased Tyres
12 Icon C3 grip-o-matic Grip-o-matic Tyres
16 Icon C3 groovin Groovin' Pedestrians, Pedestrians With Greased Shoes, Piss-artist Pedestrians
34 Icon C3 hellium Helium-filled Pedestrians
1 Icon C3 hotRod Hot rod
22 Icon C3 immortal Immortal Pedestrians
9 Icon C3 handbrake Instant Handbrake
2 Icon C3 invuln Invulnerability
6 Icon C3 jelly Jelly Suspension
13 Icon C3 kangaroo Kangaroo on Command
63 Icon C3 lead Lead Foot
48 Icon C3 lunar Lunar Gravity
52 Icon C3 mineAbil Mine Shitting Ability
28 Icon C3 mini Miniature Pedestrians
26 Icon C3 moneyBag Money Bag, Mutant Corpses
56 Icon C3 tail Mutant Tail Thing
57 Icon C3 nuclear Nuclear Bomb, Piece of the Bomb
53 Icon C3 oil Oil Slicks From Your Arse
47 Icon C3 oppRepul Opponent Repulsificator
29 Icon C3 pedAnnihil Pedestrian Annihilator
21 Icon C3 bastardRay Pedestrian Electro-bastard Ray
54 Icon C3 flamethrower Pedestrian Flamethrower
33 Icon C3 pedPanic Pedestrian Panic
38 Icon C3 pedRepul Pedestrian Repulsificator
20 Icon C3 pedsMap Pedestrians Shown on Map
25 Icon C3 stupidHeads Pedestrians With Stupid Heads
15 Icon C3 engine Piece of an Engine
49 Icon C3 pinball Pinball Mode
60 Icon C3 cancel Powerup Cancellificatinizer
35 Icon C3 revPinball Reverse Pinball Mode
62 Icon C3 sever Sever Tail
39 Icon C3 shatter Shattering Pedestrians
55 Icon C3 mortar Slaughter Mortar
27 Icon C3 slomoPeds Slow Motion Pedestrians
10 Icon C3 granite Solid Granite Car
37 Icon C3 stick Stick Insects
23 Icon C3 stupid Stupid Pedestrians
24 Icon C3 suicidal Suicidal Pedestrians
46 Icon C3 turboCops Turbo Cops
45 Icon C3 turboOpp Turbo Opponents
19 Icon C3 turboPeds Turbo Pedestrians
3 Icon C3 underwater Underwater Ability
4 Icon C3 climber Wall Climber
40 Icon C3 unknown Unknown

Carmageddon (PlayStation)[]

Image Powerup

Carmageddon 64[]

Image Powerup

Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)[]

Image Powerup
Icon CGBC brake Kangaroo on Command
Icon CGBC oil Oil Slicks From Your Arse
Icon CGBC bomb Slaughter Mortar
File:Icon CGBC reset.png Timer Reset
Icon CGBC turbo Turbo


  • In Carmageddon, the Pedestrians From Hades' icon filename is cviewop ([Circle] View Opponents), indicating that, initially, opponents weren't shown on map, and players had to use this powerup to see them. Given that, in the final game, this powerup isn't fully implemented and that the icon is an eye with an O, the original idea seems to have been dropped fairly late in development.

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