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Jack Clawhammer is the main antagonist in The Carmageddon Comic.


Jack "The Ninja" Clawhammer was the Government's top agent. He was sent into Happydale (driving The Suppressor) to save the leaders of the Comfortable Shoe Alliance, who were being held hostage. Jack was told to escape the city when the President decided to nuke it, but Max Damage barged into his vehicle and knocked him unconscious. He was half-vaporized in the nuclear attack, reduced to a mere skeleton... but miraculously still alive.

After being recovered from the site by the army, Jack was rebuilt using robotic parts. Later, he tracked down and confronted Max at a TDR2000 race, challenging him to a duel. Foolishly, Jack turned his back on Max, who got back in the Eagle MK4 and ran him over. Jack's head came off.

Max then took Jack's disembodied head and sold it to a pawn broker, claiming it was a cool toy called "Mr Angry Head". Jack sent out a distress signal, but the Police stormed the sex shop next door, and mistook a sexbot named Tin Tina for him. Fang Stroker entered the pawn shop, taking Jack's head which the broker offered. The police reclaimed Jack's head outside the shop.


Jack with Tin Tina's body

Rebuilt once again, Jack underwent a psychotic analysis from Doctor Zoff, who deduced that Jack was indeed psychotic - shown several ink blots, he could only see Max being killed in various ways. Jack was presented with a '58 Plymouth Fury called "Tina"; the former sexbot was now the car AI. Together they would enter the next TDR2000 race and destroy Jack's rival.

On race day, no-one knew who was driving Tina, not even the race organizers. During the event Max Damage severely damaged the Fury, but as he celebrated Tina repaired herself and knocked him to the ground. Jack stepped out of Tina to gloat, revealing that his head had been grafted onto Tin Tina's body. Jack explained that he was going to kill Max with Tina, using Tina's remote control so he could watch from up close.

Jack Clawhammer was last seen chasing after Tina as she drove away. He thought this was because he had offended her, and hadn't noticed that he was holding the remote upside down.