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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Juice Up
The mission's map.
Location Docks
Type(s) Items
Time Unknown
Targets 1 oil tank
Items 3 bomb pieces
Goals 2

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C2 target big To Do: Add the time (normal) to the info panel.
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Juice Up is the first mission in The Docks and the seventh in the game.
The player is tasked with getting some oil to power a ship, which means blowing open an oil vat with a bomb.


Wrap yourself around some motion lotion. It's what keeps you rollin'.


Pick a small & maneuverable vehicle - you'll need it for the first part. McKilem and Witch Doctor will try and find you on this level, but you don't have to waste them.

The first bomb piece is in the Foundry. Turn around and head South West, towards the large building surrounded by a fence. Drive through the fence in front of you (the East side of the facility), and go through the open door. Inside, on the left, is the ramp up onto the conveyor belt. Drive up on to the belt and follow it round carefully - the bomb piece is at the end. If you have found a kangaroo on command, you could just drive to the end of the belt and jump up.

Next drive across the map, to the Warehouse district in the North East. If approaching via the North road, you should be able to see the purple glow of the next bomb piece, on top of the blue building to the right of the warehouses. Drive into the area and head up the ramp on the right for the second piece.

Now go back into the town, heading for the top-left (Eastern) corner of the Warehouse district. You should see some arrows pointing down the hill on the right. Follow them round the back of the hill and up the path. Take the ramp off the cliff-top to land on the warehouse roof, then follow the other arrows to jump along the rooftops. You'll end up at one last roof, with the last bomb piece on top.

Head to the fuel depot in the middle of the map. Break through the fence on the North side, as the handy arrows tell you to. There's a small ramp in here, pointing at an oil tank - take a little run up, hit the ramp and enter the first tank. Use the other ramps to hop into the second, then the third tank. Drop the bomb to complete the mission.

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