Carmageddon Wiki

The following are the levels (aka Events) in the mobile phone versions of Carmageddon (Mobile). Game types are marked as shown below. The difficulty increases the farther the player advances into the game. After 4 events, a new event type is unlocked for the Quick Race and Multiplayer modes.


  • Mobile-event-CR = Checkpoints race
  • Mobile-event-TT = Collect Frenzy
  • Mobile-event-DA = Destruction Arena
  • Mobile-event-TDA = Team Destruction Arena (not available in multiplayer)
  • Mobile-event-HTF = Hold The Flag
  • Mobile-event-PH = Pedestrian Hell


C2 target big To Do: Are we sure this isn't Runway Runaway?
Care to do so?
  • Main Street Mobile-event-CR (min level: No-Parking and Metal Madness)
  • Country Hell Mobile-event-CR
  • City of the lost Mobile-event-DA
  • Run, run, run! Mobile-event-HTF
  • Stoned again Mobile-event-CR
  • Scare devil Mobile-event-TT
  • Bob slay Mobile-event-PH
  • Going down Mobile-event-DA
  • Take care Mobile-event-HTF
  • The bruise brothers Mobile-event-TDA
  • Crash helmet Mobile-event-TT
  • To hell and back Mobile-event-CR
  • Parking lot hero Mobile-event-HTF
  • Bring it home Mobile-event-TT
  • Falling apart Mobile-event-PH
  • Take me down Mobile-event-DA
  • Catch me! Mobile-event-HTF
  • Counter attack Mobile-event-TDA
  • Watch out! Mobile-event-PH
  • Hold on! Mobile-event-CR
  • Break point Mobile-event-DA
  • Nice shot, sir Mobile-event-PH
  • Runaway, runaway Mobile-event-HTF
  • Force Majeure Mobile-event-TDA
  • Tick goes the clock Mobile-event-TT
  • Shove thy neighbour Mobile-event-PH
  • Westside glory Mobile-event-CR
  • Rocky too Mobile-event-DA
  • Artistic impression Mobile-event-TDA
  • Murder by number Mobile-event-TDA
  • Rocky spooky Mobile-event-DA
  • City slicker Mobile-event-HTF
  • Brothers in arms Mobile-event-TDA
  • Take it easy Mobile-event-TT
  • Stuntastic Mobile-event-TT
  • Hard core Mobile-event-PH