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The following is a list of all vehicles that appear in any official Carmageddon game, on any system. The list is organized into a chart that tells what games each car appears in and each car's total number of appearances.

See also List of all drivers by appearance.


Driver C1 SP C2 PSX 64 TDR/NP GBC Mobile R/MD Total
Abba Cab X X X 3
Annihilator X X 2
Annihilator II X X 2
Baz Mini1 X 1
Big Dump X X2 2
Big Wig X 1
Bigdaddy NP 1
Blood & Bones NP 1
Blood Mobile X 1
Blood Riviera X X 2
Bugga X 1
Buggy NP 1
Bugutti X 1
Bumble Bee X 1
Caddy Fat Cat X X X X X 5
Carrerasaur X X 2
Cleaver X X 2
Compact Unit: Nil Threat X 1
Cop Car (TDR) X 1
Copcar (C2 & 64) X X 2
Countslash X X X 3
Coupe De Grace X 1
Cow Poker X X 2
Crazor X 1
Cullwing X 1
Da Panzer X 1
DC Codbra X X X3 3
Deathcruiser X 1
DeGory'Un X X 2
DeGory'Un 2 X 1
Doozer X 1
Drag-Ghoul X 1
Eagle 3 X X X 3
Eagle II X 1
Eagle MK4 X 1
Eagle (PSX)4 X 1
Eagle R X 1
Electric Blue X X X X X 5
Enforcer X 1
F-081 X 1
Fearari F666 X X X 3
Femme Fatal X 1
Flower Power X X 2
Forking Ada X 1
Fraud Broko X 1
Gorvette X 1
Grunge Buster X X X 3
Hawk 3 X X X 3
Hawk II X 1
Hawk R X 1
Hellfire X 1
Hellrod X X 2
Hevy Impaler X X MD 3
Hevy Shovel1 X 1
HFB Terra X 1
Hick Pickup X 1
Hot Blonde1 X 1
Husky X 1
Iron Hawk X 1
Jadead X 1
Jaws NP 1
Jetcar X X X 3
Killa Kart X 1
Killer Coop X 1
Killer Kitty X 1
King Merc X X X5 3
Knave X 1
KVN Toucan MD 1
LadyBug2 X X 2
Lamb O'Genie X X 2
Leadpumper X 1
Limey X 1
Loggerhead X 1
Lucifer NP 1
Lumberer X X X 3
Mach 13 X X 2
Mad Morris X X 2
McKilem X 1
Metal Madness X 1
Monster Beatle X X X6 3
Monster Masher X X 2
Mr. Whip's Truck7 X 1
Murky Marauder1 X 1
No-Parking X 1
Ped Basher NP 1
Piecemaker X X 2
Pink Pulveriser X 1
Piranha X X 2
Pogo NP 1
Porker 2 X X 2
Project X X MD 2
Prop Shafter X X 2
Purple Piledriver X X X 3
Ramraider X X8 2
Razorback X 1
Razorbill X X 2
Red Baron 2 X9 1
Red Eagle X 1
Rig O' Mortis X MD 2
Road Bratt X X 2
Roadhog X 1
Rubber Ducky X 1
Scarecrow X 1
Screwie 2 X 1
Semi Mk.2 X 1
Shark X 1
Shredlight MD 1
Siamese Dream X 1
Slam Sedan X X 2
Snaky Bastard X 1
Soul Harvester X 1
Sparrow X 1
Sports Sedan NP 1
Squad Car X X X X10 4
Steam Machine NP 1
Stiffshifter X X X X 4
Stiletto X 1
Stodge Barger X X 2
Stormbringer X 1
Street Eater X 1
Street Machine X X X 3
Subpressor X 1
Super Suppressor MD 1
SuperCharger X 1
Suppressor X X X X 4
SXE Black Hatch X 1
Tanka X 1
Tashita X X X 3
Tashita2 X X 2
TEZ Eagle X 1
The Bear X X X 3
The Beast X 1
The Bimmer X 1
The Boss X 1
The Buzzmobile X X 2
The Chef X 1
The Cutter X 1
The Fortress X 1
The Green Hammer X 1
The Harvester X X 2
The Machine X 1
The Mecha X 1
The Pigs! NP 1
The Plow X X X X 4
The Plow Mk. 2 X X X 3
The Red Vet X X 2
The Sled X 1
The Spade1 X 1
The Spectre X 1
The Supastuka X X 2
The Twister X X X X 4
The Viper1 X 1
The Vulture X 1
The Wheel X 1
Throb Rod X 1
Thummper X 1
Thunderbucket X X 2
Tomahawk X 1
Towmeister X X X X X 5
Tres Hombres X 1
Tropi-Kill X 1
Viper X 1
Vlad X 1
Vlad 3 X X 2
Volkswerker X X 2
White Trash X 1
Witch Doctor X 1
Wraith X 1
X-Jing1 X 1
Yellow Hawk X X 2

1. Name taken from modding fansite and is likely unofficial.
2. As Master Mine.
3. As DC Cobra (possibly its correct name).
4. The design for the Eagle in the PSX version doesn't match any other Eagle. Since PSX vehicles were unnamed ingame, we may never know for sure.
5. As Blitzkreiger.
6. As Beetle.
7. Name unknown.
8. Heavily modified, may be considered new vehicle. Unnamed if so.
9. Beta car (has no driver, etc). Removed for Max Damage.
10. As APC.


  • Vehicles with more than two drivers: Electric Blue (Stella Stunna, De-d 209 and Crank Zapper), Fearari F666 (Madam Scarlett, Ashteroid and Akilla the Hun) and the Squad Car (Cops, Frau Dauver and Cops Special Forces).
  • The Eagle's had seven different models over the years. Only one, the Eagle 3, is used more than once (in C2, 64 and GBC). The Hawk has five models, and only Hawk 3 is reused.
  • While the drivers were all new in TDR (except for Max and Vlad), several vehicles were reused. Electric Blue, the Towmeister, the Suppressor and King Merc all returned with different drivers. Big Dump from C2 also returned, albeit in a much less powerful form.
  • No C1/SP vehicles appeared in C2. No C2 vehicles appeared on PSX, and no C1/SP vehicles appeared on GBC. Only one C1/SP vehicle was brought to 64: the Caddy Fat Cat. Otis strikes again!
  • Only Carmageddon GBC failed to introduce a new vehicle.