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Local Nuclear Silo
The location's map.
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Groups 9, 10
Levels 2 Minute Warning
Defcon Fused
Nuclear Arms Race
Mission Carpocalypse Now!

The Local Nuclear Silo is the tenth and final location in Carmageddon II. It's a large nuclear silo, and is the most closed level in the game, because it's mainly a huge set of closed paths.

General info[]

C2 Local Nuclear Silo

Max Damage on the Western room, the one with the missile.

The East is the only place that's out in the open in this level. A grid stops the players from going any further, but using kangaroo on command to jump over it is easy (albeit useless). The main road then heads to the West and soon the player notices how complex the silo is. There's a path forward, one to the left, one to the right, plus two hidden paths to the North and South that can be uncovered by knocking the fake wall down. That's just a fraction of the amount of multiple paths in this silo.

In the center of the map is a large octagonal, purple room. It doesn't have nothing special, except for two small silos that need to be destroyed in the final mission.

The Northeast and Southeast rooms have lava. It doesn't damage nor waste the cars, but it does lead to a bottomless pit, triggering a recovery.

The only other important room is the one on the West. This huge square chamber holds a massive missile. It can be launched by pressing the red "The End" button, but said button is only present on the end of the game (precisely for that: to end the world).


This location is quite cramped, so some players may not like it. However, the fact that it's not out in the open makes traveling from point A to point B rather difficult. The gimmicks in this level are also a bit boring. Other players may like it a bit more because it offers a challenge in some rooms, and the fact that the opponents at this point are tough.


There are some APO powerups in the missile room at the West. They're on the structure that holds the missile.

An extra armour slot powerup can be found in the island surrounded by lava on the Northeast room.

A collection of misc. powerups is at the secret room on the Northwest. Break through the map window and you'll enter it.


  • Despite the sky being visible at the East, "there's no sky texture for this race".[1]

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  1. Trying to toggle the sky texture in this location, using the edit mode will display a message saying "There's no sky texture for this race."