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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Look Out Below
The mission's map.
Location Necropolis
Type(s) Items
Time Unknown
Targets 0
Items 20 Bomb pieces
Goals 1

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Population Control is the second mission in the Necropolis area, and the twentieth in the game. The player has to collect twenty Bomb pieces, while planes flying above bomb the city.


No-one said anything about airstrikes! Still, you gotta deal with it.


Bomb parts are scattered all over the city; they glow purple and are marked on your radar. You need 20. If you want, you can just drive around randomly, avoiding the explosions and collecting the items. Taking the below route, however, helps.


The fighter planes

From the start, head straight on and then right. Pick up the bomb on your right. and head straight down the road and up the ramp to the concrete area with the large drop on one side. Pick up the bomb at the end of this area, then turn around. Head along the concrete area, keeping left, and go past some crates. There is another bomb here, so pick this up.

Now go into the warehouse at the end here, and find another bomb. Come out of the warehouse, and pick up the bomb in the road. Go past this, and drive up into a ruined building to pick up the other bomb you can see. Recover back, and drive up into the main area of the ruined building, and drive across it- you will find another bomb, and drive down past the bomb into the street.

Now head into the alley, to pick up another bomb, turn right and then left down another alley for another bomb piece, and come out and turn right (facing the concrete ramp). Drive to the right up to the street and pick up the bombs to your right here. At the end of this street, turn right and head along the street. When you reach the tunnel to your left, drive up it and pick up the bomb here.

Now turn round and head back down the tunnel. Head straight out and pick up the bomb piece, then turn around and go into the alley next to the leaning building. Go into the passage at the bottom of the leaning building for another bomb part. Now go out of the small passage and head down the alley. Turn right and head down the next alley, picking up the bomb part here. On the main road, turn left, then go up to the next big junction. Turn left again, and drive straight on until you reach the road up. Follow the road up here, and pick up the final pieces you need on the way.

One last thing, Bomb pieces do respawn after a while, but waiting for them to come back is not a good idea.

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