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Mapstockalypse was made by StaticTek. It's an utility for Carmageddon II that allows the user to quickly install/remove custom levels.



Mapstockalypse's interface.

Mapstockalypse can be launched from any folder. If the executable is not in Carma2's main folder, the player must specify it. If the program detects that DATA.TWT isn't unpacked, it'll ask the player to do so. It'll also display that message if the executable is outside Carma2's main folder.

The program's interface features 2 lists and several buttons. The left list shows which are the current levels (but not missions) in the game, whereas the right list shows the available addon tracks, if any were found. Some of the tracks' names aren't displayed sometimes, but the list is colored with blue and gray backgrounds, alternating in groups of 3, so the player can better identify where each group starts and ends. Installing a track usually fixes this by displaying the full names, sometimes.

How to use[]

The player must check one of the existing levels, and then (s)he must click on one of the addon levels. If the addon is valid, the .C2T file name will appear under the right list. From there, the player must click the "INSTALL" button and shortly after, both tracks will be switched. Which means that the regular track will be treated as a custom one and the addon track will be treated as a regular level.

As with Carstockalypse, the contents of the downloaded track's folder/zip file must be pasted in Carma2's main directory. This will add a .C2T file and the race's data to the DATA folder.

Fast install[]

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There is a semi-dangerous glitch that can happen. If the player tries to install an addon race without selecting a race to replace it with first, the game will warn him/her about it. But, if the player checks a race and then unchecks it, the program will still proceed with the installation. As a result, it'll try to replace with an nonexistent race, and the addon's data will be added to the top of the RACES.TXT file. The data of the nonexistent race will be placed in .C2T: a file named with just the extension. This file can be removed, seeing as it's useless.

Trying to fix this manually might not work, but luckily, Mapstockalypse creates a backup every time. If the glitch happens, all the player needs to do is to delete the existent RACES.TXT file and change the extension of the newly created races.old to .txt.

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