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Some drivers throughout the Carmageddon series wear masks for one reason or another. Below is a list of masked drivers.



  • Ashteroid has something going on around his shades in the Splat Pack. Whether it's a mask, face paint or cybernetic modules of some kind is hard to discern. In Carmageddon II, he once again has something on his face, but it's difficult to tell exactly what.
  • Batmad doesn't wear a mask, but his helmet obscures much of his face.
  • Drag-Ghoul's driver in TDR 2000 has a metallic plate over his face, but there's no indication of whether it's a mask, face paint or a cybernetic module. In the comic, Drag-Ghoul is referred to as Dragula and is driven by Fang Stroker, who does not cover his face.
  • Frau Dauver is technically unmasked, but her eyepatch obscures a lot of her face.
  • Shawnee Smitt wears nightvision goggles which cover much of her face.
  • Su Borg may be wearing a mask in Carmageddon II, depending on how much of her body has been replaced with cybernetic parts.
  • A number of drivers, such as Mech Maniac, the Auto Scum, and the drivers of McKilem, Shark, and Stormbringer wear racing helmets with tinted visors.

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