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Some elements of a location only appear on missions.

Missions are levels with a set of objectives to complete within a time limit.

Missions first appeared in Carmageddon II, as the final level in each tier. They mainly involve destroying a number of targets, such as certain pedestrians, radar dishes and generators. Extra time is normally not awarded.

In the games[]

The Playstation version had missions of a similar vibe - At the end of each tier, the player is given a level where they must destroy all zombies, or one where they have to race through all the checkpoints. Completion of each mission rewards the player with a video, showing a guy in a television, a cow on wheels and stuff falling out of the air.

Carmageddon: TDR 2000 expanded on the idea, including multiple objectives in any given mission level. Despite many missions involving the collection of bomb parts scattered around a level, others showed more variety; destroying certain opponents, racing across an obstacle-strewn bridge, and stealing a tank to escape from an area, among others. Every other race was a mission, and the player still needed to complete the last mission on each level in order to move to the next.

Carmageddon 64 features missions similar to the ones in Carmageddon II, while the Game Boy game features missions such as "complete a lap against the clock" and "destroy the ABBA Cab".

The original Carmageddon, its expansion the Splat Pack, the Nosebleed Pack and the Mobile Phone versions[confirmation needed] do not have missions.

List of missions[]

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Carmageddon II[]

Missions in Carmageddon II (cat)
Boulder Dash · Eye of the Beaver · Outbreak! · Trucking Hell · In Cold Blood · Fair Grind · Control Freak · Hard Core · Oil be Blowed · Carpocalypse Now!

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

Missions in Carmageddon TDR 2000 (cat)
Hollowood Send in the Sharks · Pop the Sucker · Going Ape Back of Beyond Summer Nuke Fest · Red Mist · No Nukes is Good Nukes
The Slums Slum Like it Hot · Traffic Jam · The Jump Necropolis Population Control · Look Out Below · Big Brother
The Docks Juice Up · Clear the Decks · Got a New Motor The Bridge The Great Divide
High Rise Launch the Statue · The Rich Switch · Blow the Joint Police State Checkout Day · Destroy the Behemoth · Armageddon!
Military Let's Go to Work · Duel in the Arena · Tanks a Lot

Carmageddon (PlayStation)[]

Missions in Carmageddon (PlayStation) (cat)
China Krisis · Checkpoint Stampede · Car Crusher · Snow Way Out · Pick-Me-Up · Desert Storm

Carmageddon 64[]

Missions in Carmageddon 64 (cat)
Beaver Patrol · Eye of the Beaver · Truck Me! · Outbreak · Fair Grind · Air We Go · Revenge of the Exploding Dead! · From Rust 'Til Dawn · On The Piste · Carmageddon!

Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)[]

Missions in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) (cat)
Eye of Beaver · Outbreak · Trucking Hell · In Cold Blood · Control Freak · Hardcore · Oil be Blowed · Carpocalypse


  • Neil Barnden (aka nobby) wrote in's Carmageddon II history section that the game's missions are too hard because they were a late addition. They had little time to test it, so their difficulty was calibrated using his skill.[1]

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  1. [1] "They were a late addition to the game design, and I had to very little time to implement them all and even less time to test them. (...) And I made the missions do-able by my standards."