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Multiplayer games support several modes, as opposed to the simple "race, wreck or wreak havoc" goal in single-player. Each mode plays differently and is chosen by the host.

List of modes[]

Mode Carma Carma2 CarmaTDR Description
Driven to Destruction Yes Yes No The last one to survive wins.
Driven to destruction
Car Crusher Yes Yes Yes If the player wastes an opponent, (s)he'll receive a point, and will lose points if wasted him/herself.
Car crusher
Carnage Accumulator Yes No No The player with the most pedestrian kills by the end of the time limit wins.
Carnage accumulator
Checkpoint Stampede Yes Yes No The first to go through all checkpoints, in any order, is the winner.
Checkpoint stempede
Sudden Death Yes Yes Yes The last one to go under each checkpoint, in order, is dropped out.
Sudden death
Terminal Tag Yes Yes Yes A bomb starts ticking and one of the player has it. Touching the others will pass the bomb to them. When the time is up, the "it" player is wasted.
Terminal tag
Fox 'n' Hounds Yes Yes Yes One player is the Fox. The other players (Hounds) must touch him/her in order to become the Fox themselves. The first person to become a Fox for a certain accumulated amount of time wins.
Fox hounds
Lap me No Yes No Exactly the same as Sudden Death. Choosing this mode will still display "Sudden Death" at the beginning of the race.
Lap Me
Death Race No No Yes The first player to complete all of his/her laps wins.
British Bulldogs No No Yes There are 2 safe zones at either side of a long tube. The "bulldog" player can't enter the safe zones and must touch the other players as they attempt to race from one safe zone to the other. Any player touched by a bulldog will become one as well. The last player converted wins.
British bulldog

Alternate titles[]

  • Car Crusher: "Free for All!" (CarmaTDR)
  • Carnage Accumulator: "Smashy Thing" (Carma2)
  • Sudden Death: "Knockout Race" (CarmaTDR)
  • Terminal Tag: "Curse of the Vampire" (Carma2)
  • Terminal Tag: "Hot Nut!" (CarmaTDR)

Nosebleed Pack[]

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Smashy Thing[]

The unused Smashy Thing mode in Carmageddon II has been cut-off from the final game. Supposedly, it would work just like Carnage Accumulator, seeing as its description shares the same slot as Carmageddon's Carnage Accumulator.

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