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Musty Ramparts Theme Castle
The location's map.
Levels Knight Riders
Rampage on the Ramparts

Musty Ramparts Theme Castle is a location in Carmageddon Splat Pack. The player first encounters it at rank 77.

Carmageddon Splat Pack[]

This level is Medieval-themed. A large portion of the area is devoted to the castle, which is adorned with penants and lead-lined windows. Inside, several glass-lined, wood panelled, stone wall and/or carpeted corridors are linked by round junctions. Suits of armour line the walls. The center holds a huge hall, with long trestle tables lit by standing torches, surrounding an enormous chimney with a four-sided fire (and powerups in the center). Rising platforms snake around the chimney, leading to the sides of the second floor. Stone arches on the first floor lead to more corridors, while one leads outside.

The east and west sides of the castle are the rear side and front entrance respectively. Both have two towers and outside tables. The rear has a drop into a river, while the front has a (non-moveable) drawbridge which crosses a moat (that doesn't encircle the castle). Beyond the castle grounds lies countryside - apart from the occasional steep slope, obelisk and landmines, it is standard grassy ground, dirt paths and woodland.

The pedestrians include tourists and monks.


  • Knight Riders = Knight Rider, famous guy-and-his-talking-car TV show.
  • Armourgeddon = Armour (British spelling of Armor) and Armageddon.


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