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Mutant Tail Thing
A screenshot of the powerup in action.
Carmageddon II's Mutant Tail Thing powerup icon. Carmageddon TDR 2000's Mutant Tail Thing powerup icon.
A powerup in Carma2, CarmaTDR
Type Misc.
Use Whole race

The Mutant Tail Thing, full "name" Wow! A Mutant Tail Thing!, is a powerup that attaches a mutant tail to the car's rear. This tail is solid, and can also cause damage, but because it's at the back of the car, it may be hard to hit with it. It's mostly useful when spinning the car, so that the tail can be swung and have the possibility to hit pedestrians. It can't cause much to damage to opponents. Unfortunately, keeping a tail at the back means that the car's control may be a bit off, because the tail is always scrapping the ground, so most players decided to just cut it off. To do so, they must use the Sever Tail powerup that's automatically earned when this powerup is. The tail can also be cut using the Powerup Cancellificatinizer, and in that case, it'll also delete the Sever Tail powerup from the inventory.

Hitting a pedestrian with the tail will earn the "Stitch that!" bonus. If the player cuts the tail off, while it's being swung, it'll keep its momentum as it flies away, and if it happens to hit a pedestrian in its path the "award for outstanding achievement" bonus will be earned.

Carmageddon II[]

To obtain it with cheats, press Caps+Shift+4 when in cheat mode or type BIGDANGLE.

Technical data[]

Code number 94
Fizzle type 1
Action index 52
Float parameters Mass of each segment: 0.1

Mass of ball at end: 0.3

Integer parameters Number of segments: 4
Group inclusion 0
Pratcam sequence 38
Flags (?) 2

Carmageddon: TDR 2000[]

Unfortunately, the mutant tail in Carmageddon TDR 2000 is nearly useless. If the tail kills a pedestrian, not only will the player receive no bonuses, but the kill isn't even accounted to the player's count. The award for outstanding achievement can't be obtained either. If the player goes too fast, the tail has a chance of spazzing out and wasting the player.

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