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NETRACES.TXT is a data file in Carmageddon and Carmageddon II. This file holds the information for the games' net races.

None of the races feature any description, even though the games are capable of showing them.


This is the layout of each level:

FLI files
TXT file
Number of text chunks
[Number of lines]
  • Name: The level's name.
  • FLI files: The level's 3 FLI files.
  • TXT file: The level's TXT file. These files are inside DATA\RACES.
  • Number of text chunks: How many text chunks the level's description has, if any.
    • Offsets: x and y offset of the chunk's first line.
    • Frame: The frame at which this text chunk appears.
    • Number of lines: The number of lines that the chunk has.
    • Text: These lines are the chunk's text.

Carmageddon II[]

The file starts with a line whose value is 0. The line's comment is Race to start new game with (development only). It's unsure what that means.

The second block of lines, and the general layout for each level is the same as RACES.TXT's.

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