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Levels Blood, Sweat and Gears
City Of Mangles
Driven Into The Ground
Missions Population Control
Look Out Below
Big Brother

Necropolis is an arid city location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000. It is the seventh area visited in the game.


The Necropolis is a very dry cityscape under a seemingly high level of smog pollution. The city is split roughly into four quarters. A broken highway circles high up in the air. In the middle, a dry riverbed runs East to West, with a cruise ship and cargo ship stuck in the sand. Jetties stick out above, where the waterline used to be.

In the North-West, the highway runs through a tunnel in the large hill. One turning inside leads to a gang base on top of the hill.

The North-East is a broken city, with plenty of and rubble and sunken buildings. In the East of this section, one end of a highway turnoff has sagged down to ground level, creating a ramp up onto the highway.

The South has two ruined cities, linked by a sloping tunnel and a hill road. The rooftops hold rope bridges, power-ups and the odd pedestrian campsite. There is another road up to the highway, next to the top of the hill road. In the center of the South-East quarter, a leaning blue building provides access to the rooftops via a ramped tunnel in the base.

The area exit is in the hill tunnel - A large red door will open when the third mission is completed.


  • Necropolis means "City Of The Dead". A Necropolis is usually a large cemetery or burial ground, normally with structural tombs.



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