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Nerdberksring Race Circuit
The location's map.
Levels Splat Track
Figure of Hate

The Nerdberksring Race Circuit is a location in Carmageddon Splat Pack. The player first encounters it at rank 83.

Carmageddon Splat Pack[]

A fairly standard race course, this track comes complete with sponsor billboards, stands full of pedestrians, sand traps and tire barriers. There is the occasional crane at the trackside, and a couple of small buildings. The course is surrounded by grass and some trees; one side is blocked off by woodland, the other by a solid wall.


  • The Nürburgring is a famous race circuit in Germany.
    • The name parodies this, adding in the insults "nerd" and "berk".
  • The billboards feature Apig, Shag Her (Tag Heuer,) Grunt, Clang, Caremal Trophy Race, Castor Oil (Castrol,) Good Gear (Goodyear,)' Demonize Wax, Suck 69 Engine Treatment, 'Shox Dampers, Flash Power Tip, Mobile (Mobil,) and Sexaco (Texaco.)


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