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Net game options is a menu in Carmageddon II and TDR 2000 that allows the host to change some of the net game's options, such as the amount of starting credits. Carmageddon II's menu focuses more on gameplay aspects, while Carmageddon TDR 2000's has more options about the race limits.

Carmageddon II[]

This menu can be found under main menu\network game. The available options are:

  • Show cars on map: Yes/no.
  • Show pickups on map: Yes/no.
  • Pickup respawn: Yes/no.
  • Game type: Open/closed. Unknown, but likely toggles whether others need the host's IP address or not.
  • Grid start: Yes/no. Toggles whether the cars start near each other, on the starting grid, or scattered around the level.
  • Race order: Sequential/random.
  • Free powerups: Yes/no. Toggles whether the players receive powerups out of nowhere every once in a while.
  • Car types: Eagle/novelty/all: Sets which cars can be chosen: The Eagle color variations, or all cars. The novelty option is uncertain.
  • Starting credit: 0 minimum, increments of 1000.
  • Target - none: Some multiplayer modes don't support this option.
    • Target - time: In Fox 'n' Hounds, this sets how much time the Fox must live in order to win. 0:30 minimum, increments of 30 seconds.
    • Target - laps: In Lap me, this sets how many laps must be made in order to complete the race. 1 minimum, increments of 1.

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

This menu can be found under main menu\network game\create. These are the available options:

  • Server name: If it wasn't specified previously, it'll default to "noname[sic] server".
  • Wasted limit: Can be toggled on/off, and if on, the host can set the limit.
  • Time limit: Same as wasted limit, but it's the number of minutes.
  • Recover delay: Can be toggled on/off, and if on, the host can set how many seconds a player must wait after pressing the recovery key until (s)he is recovered.
  • Max players: Sets the maximum number of players that can join this net game.
  • Laps.
  • Initial money.
  • Repair: On/off.
  • Cars on map: On/off.
  • Server set car: On/off. Unknown, but it might force all players to use the same car as the host.

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