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For the article that explains how these games work, see Multiplayer.

The network game screen has the preparations for hosting or joining a multiplayer game. Normally, it has a list of the current servers, some searching options, and some options to host a new game. This screen, and thus, the multiplayer online mode, is only available in the PC games, seeing as there is no Carma game for one of the next-gen consoles that support Internet connection.


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Carmageddon II[]

The left portion of the screen is about hosting a new game. It has a list with the available multiplayer modes, and levels. In addition, the player can also set some net game options.

The right part of the screen is about joining. The player may specify his/her name below the list of current netgames. This section also has a link to the pause menu for some reason.

The lower-right corner of the screen shows the selected level's description.

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

This screen allows the player to choose which Internet Protocol (s)he is using, as well as, optionally, his/her IP address. Then, the player may create or join a game.

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