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The new game menu screen is present in most Carmageddon games. As should be expected, this menu sets up the options for a new game. In some games, this menu is achieved in different ways.

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This menu is rather simple: The player is given the option to choose between Max Damage or Die Anna as their driver (aka. player character). After clicking one of the images, the player may write a new name. After clicking the image again, the player is lead to the difficulty select menu.

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

The player may choose the driver's name at the upper-left corner. A preview of the Eagle MK4 is shown on the upper-right, and at the lower-right corner, the player may choose the difficulty setting. The available options are Sunday Driver, Boy Racer and Speed Demon for easy, medium and hard respectively.

On the lower right corner, the player has 3 buttons that allow him/her to change the driver's name (in a new text box rather than the existing one), start the new game, which will lead to the first race, or return to the main menu.

Other games[]

Carmageddon II's "new game" has the same options as a loaded game. The only way to start a new game is to choose abort game on the pause menu. This option is disabled if the game isn't paused.

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