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Carmageddon driver
OK Stimpson
Fraud Broko
Internal opponent number 18
Strength (1 - 5) 3
Network availability Never

Short name (?) OK
Race number 8
Top speed 170 mph
Kerb weight 1.9 tons
0 - 60 mph in 8.9 seconds
Stealworthy No
"He seems a friendly kind of guy, but appearances can deceive, and the way he guns that 4x4 along you’d think he was on the run!"

Juicy Jones[]


In the US version of Carmageddon, as well as the Funsize re-release, he is named Juicy Jones, and the blood on his shirt is re-coloured to resemble orange juice (or as some would call it, O.J.). His bio also changes:

"This man loves oranges, but because of his OTT suspension he tends to spill his orange juice everywhere."

The portrait seen on the view racers screen also has some noticeable differences compared to most other portraits, using a different font for the racer's name, as well as lacking the full "slide up" and "slide down" animations. The latter makes Juicy's portrait seem to appear more abruptly than other racers.

No official statement has been made as to the reasons behind the name, portrait, and bio change, though the nature of the changes seem to indicate issues with the obvious likeness to O. J. Simpson.


  • OK Stimpson is an obvious parody of O. J. Simpson, who is nowadays more famous for his highly publicized murder trial than for his days as an American Football player. The Fraud Broko is based on his Ford Bronco SUV, which was used in a nationally televised low-speed highway pursuit when Simpson refused to turn himself in. During his sports career, Simpson was known as "The Juice."
  • This car's handling is deliberately terrible: It's as if the Jelly suspension "powerup" was built-in (However, this has been revoked in the iOS/Android version of the game, given by the Fraud Broko's more stabilized handling compared to the Computer versions.)!
  • The name of this driver's FLI file is CHEVYCHA. This would suggest Chevy Chase, which in turn would point to his aforementioned pursuit... where he drove a Chevrolet and not a Ford.
  • Some original (non-GOG) US editions of the Carmageddon Max Pack use both the "OK Stimpson" and "Juicy Jones" names, with the former being used for Carmageddon and the latter used by the Splat Pack.
  • Despite "Juicy Jones" being the censored name for the driver in the US version of Carmageddon (Including the iOS/Android versions as well), OK can be seen on the license plate of the car. Whether this was an error during the censorship or left this way by accident is unknown.
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