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For the Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) level of the same name, see Oil be Blowed (GBC).
For the Carmageddon: Reincarnation level of the same name, see Oil be Blowed (Reincarnation).
Carmageddon II mission
Oil be Blowed
The mission's map.
Location El Morte Desert
Group 9
Type Targets
Time 6:30
Opponents 10
Targets 7

Oil be Blowed[sic] is the ninth mission in Carmageddon II, located on El Morte Desert. There are 7 pumps scattered throughout the landscape that must be destroyed. A really hard whack can take them out, but the charges next to them are much more convenient. This mission has a different aspect from the others: it has 10 opponents that start the race at the same spot as you do, and seeing as there are no checkpoints, their goal is to annoy and try to kill you. The mini-map points to the nearest target rather than opponent.


All the oil wells have been set with charges. Detonate them all in any order.


Logically, you should always try to head towards the nearest oil well, as with Outbreak! and Fair Grind. Luckily, the mini-map will point you to the nearest, so this kind of strategy is even easier. The following strategy is just one of the several possibilities.

When the mission starts, fall down the hole a bit to the front of you, to the right. Remember that during these first minutes, the opponents will be around you like flies. Try to land straight and follow the road that leads North. This road will bend to the West. When you reach the crossroad, start going through the sand on the left. Try to go towards the pump on the Northwest. Once you're near it, collect the extra power powerup nearby and find the detonator. Said detonator is lying down, so its handle is horizontal. As such, all you need to do is drive against it to press it. After ~1 second, the pump will explode (1/7). Take the road that's to the South of you. Go East, through the tunnels, and when the road splits, turn right (South). When you come out, turn left and find the pump that should be near (2/7). After detonating it, keep following the road East. You'll see the pump when the road splits (3/7). Keep going East, and take the bridge that leads to the Northeastern island. Before the road ends, you'll see a pump on the right (4/7). To the West of it is another one (5/7). Once you're done with both, take the bridge again and this time, go South. Near the Southeastern corner of the desert, you'll find the next pump (6/7). Take the road to the West, enter the tunnels, and when you come out, drive through the sand on the left. Collect the extra armour powerup, and blow up the final pump (7/7).

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