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Carmageddon 64 mission
On The Piste
[[Image:|200px|The mission's map.]]
Location Beaver Mountains
Group 9
Type Checkpoints
Time 2:29

Laps 1
Checkpoints 8
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Beaver Patrol is the ninth mission in Carmageddon 64. Your mission is to clear all the checkpoints.


Wahhooooo I love the snow. In an effort to relieve some of the tension of Carmageddon, the World Government has organized a slalom race in our great chariots that mere mortals call cars. All the other drivers have had their go and now it is my turn to show those other scummers just who is the greatest driver ever!


Pass through all the checkpoints, down the hill, to the finish line at the bottom of the course. The checkpoints do not look like they usually do - they look like red and blue slalom gate flags.

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