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Developer(s) 1am Studios
Engine XNA
Platform(s) Actual: Microsoft Windows
Possible: Xbox 360, Zune, Windows Phone 7
Latest release v1.4 (1st Mar 2012)
Status Discontinued
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single player
Players 1 player
Input methods Keyboard & Mouse

OpenC1 was a project by 1am Studios (programmer Jeffrey Harris), porting the original Carmageddon to Microsoft's XNA game engine.


The remake started in July 2009, and is a one-man project worked on in Jeff's spare time. OpenC1 uses none of the original game code, but can use all the original C1 resources (tracks/cars etc). It uses XNA for rendering, PhysX for the physics and DirectSound for the audio.

During development Jeff has documented the syntax for materials, grooves and funks, crush data, opponent data, and other game mechanics. Enhancements to the game include new particle effects, 3D audio, and PhysX physics (replacing the JigLibX physics of an earlier build). XNA can allow many other enhancements to be applied, such as texture filtering[1], but the original game's look is being faithfully adhered to.

Several Beta versions had been released.

Legal action[]

On October 20, 2010, Jeff reported that Square Enix (the current owners of the Carmageddon licence) had issued him a Cease & Desist order claiming copyright infringement.[2] Jeff was forced to remove the beta versions and all images from his blog.

As the infringement was stated to be the "underlying computer code, text, audio and visual aspects of the game", it seems likely that the issue was the Carmageddon demo bundled in the download package.

In December 2010 Jeff settled with Square Enix, apologising for the infringement, and announced that future download packages of OpenC1 would only supply the shell (requiring players to use their own Carmageddon files).[3] By the end of the year, the project moved from closed development to open source.[4]

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