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The options screen is where players get to set some of the game's configurations. Yet, unlike what one might think at first, this screen rarely has any options in it: just sub-menus that do.


In Carmageddon, the player can enter the details and controls sub-menus on this screen. There is also another option: sound, but it isn't accessible. It reads "Use Win95 sound control panel", which means that some sound options were meant to be implemented, but must have been left off. If the you want to set sound settings, you must either use Windows' sound panel or compensate by tuning the volume of your speakers/soundcard (If soundcard has a knob).

In Carmageddon II, this screen doesn't even exist, seeing that it's the pause menu that contains the configure controls and settings menus. Regardless, the pause menu has some sound options. The player may alter the sound volume and toggle music on and off.

Carmageddon TDR 2000's options screen has a lot more choices. The sub-menus are: Controls, force feedback, graphics, sound and details. There is also another button that sets the defaults for every single option labeled "Set Defaults".

In Carmageddon (PlayStation), these are the available options: Controller setup P1, controller setup P2, music volume, SFX volume, difficulty level, screen position and select language.

Carmageddon 64's option screen has the following options: music volume, SFX volume, music test, SFX test, controller pak and controller select.

There is no options screen in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color).

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