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The options mode is one of the edit mode's sub-modes. It's present in Carmageddon and Carmageddon II, and, unlike the cheat mode, it doesn't activate powerups or nothing like that. This mode merely serves to change certain options, but most of them are already available on the options menu.


When in this mode, pressing the 0 - 9 keys, in combination with Alt, Ctrl and Shift, changes certain settings in the game. Although, there aren't many options, so most of the keys don't change anything.


These are the options that can be changed:

Both games[]

  • 1: Changes car simplicity level, being 0 the most complex and 4 the simplest. The higher the simplicity, the close the opponents need to be before they turn into mere blocks.
  • 2: Toggles shadows between "No shadows", "Shadow under own car", "Shadow under main cars" and "Shadow under all cars".
  • 3: Toggles wall textures between "No wall textures", "Linear wall textures" and "Best wall textures". It doesn't seem to have any effect.
  • 4: Toggles sky texture on and off, if the race track has one.
  • 5: Changes how fast the track appears from "very quickly" all the way down to "very late".
  • 6: Decreases the yon in values of 5.
  • 7: Toggles sound effects allowed from fewest to all sounds.
  • Shift+1: Toggles car texture detail between "No car textures", "Transparent car textures only" and "Full car textures".
  • Shift+2: Toggles smoke on and off, may crash the game.
  • Shift+3: Toggles road textures on and off. It doesn't seem to have any effect.
  • Shift+4: Toggles depth cueing on and off, if the race has depth cueing.
  • Shift+5: Toggles accessories on and off.
  • Shift+6: Increases the yon in values of 5.

Carmageddon II[]

  • 8: Controller port.
  • Alt+8: Disables the Y axis.
  • Ctrl+8: Controls (?)
  • Alt+Ctrl+8: Enables D-Pad mode.
  • Alt+Shift+8: Increases force feedback by 25%. Goes back to 0% if it was at 100%.
  • Ctrl+Shift+8: Enables joystick.

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