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Carmageddon 64 mission
Outbreak (C64)
[[Image:|200px|The mission's map.]]
Location Beaver Woods
Group 4
Type Peds
Time 12:29

Peds 100
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Outbreak is the fourth mission in Carmageddon 64. Your mission is to kill the 100 zombies throughout the level.


Ah, by the gods, this planet is having one environmental disaster after another. Not only do we have flesh eating zombies wandering around we now have zombies infected with a hideous military virus. Well to cut a short story even shorter, the World Government has asked little ol' me to sort out their colossal hiccup, but as always they have left everything to the last minute. If I don't kill off the infected zombies in time, then the Virus will spread and it's GAME OVER for humanity.


The zombies stay in groups. Check that your radar 'flicks' to a new position to be sure that you have cleared the current group of zombies.

From your starting point, turn left out of the shed, back on yourself, to find a gap in the fence. Take it and go right to the main street. The first group are on the right side on this street: Kill them.

The next group are in an alleyway two blocks to your right.

Back on the main road, the next lot are behind the last building on the left, and the field behind it by the railroad tracks.

Next, drive onto the railroad tracks and into the left tunnel.

IGNORE THE RADAR FOR A MOMENT. Go out of the tunnel and to the other side of the tracks. Go straight down the road between the two cliffs, turn left at the end, and kill the zombies here.

Now, back way you came, across the tracks, and up left onto the hillside.

Take the jump over the river (by the waterfall / outlet pipe). Continue on the mountain road and take the left tunnel into the mines. Drop into the pit on the left as you exit the tunnel (and note there's a 5-shot zombie electro ray pickup in the corner).

Go through the rock archway and round to your left for the final group.

Why ignore the radar earlier? It is almost impossible to get out of the river, which is where the tunnel next to the final section leads.

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