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PATHS.TXT (Carmageddon & Splat Pack) is the data file that indicate the paths for the game(s)'s data files. Unlike the other text files which can also be decrypted in-game through the IWANTTOFIDDLE cheat, this text file is hidden, un-decryptable and must be made un-hidden by using the command-line and navigating to the games's data directories and the "ATTRIB -S -H -R PATHS.TXT" (without quotes!) command is used. After that, CarmagEdit must be used to edit in the text file.


Here's what the contents of the original's text file might look like:


Line 1 is for the CD drive, 2 is the game's directory, 3 indicates the install type while the 4th line is the language (English by default).

Carmageddon Splat Pack[]

The Splat Pack's PATHS.TXT isn't much different, except it has a seperate directory for its game files. It comes with a 5th line which indicates where the original Carmageddon was/is installed.