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The Parts shop is an important menu in the original Carmageddon and in the Splat Pack expansion. Between races, the player can visit this screen to buy new parts for their vehicle using credits. These parts increase the players APO performance stats and apply to any vehicle that the player is currently driving. The parts can also be downgraded, giving the player a partial refund in exchange for a drop in performance. Upon buying a higher level, the old part is automatically sold and the purchase cost is reduced accordingly. Therefore, the player cannot hold an inventory of parts and swap to them at no cost, instead having to re-purchase any level they wish to re-equip.


If the player has unlocked a higher level part and they have enough credits to purchase it, the game will remind them after selecting "Start Race". The prompts presented allow the player to ignore it, enter the Parts Shop, or have the game automatically upgrade for them, starting from Offense, then engine Power, then Armour. Often the game will repeat this reminder on starting the next race, even if the player selects "Go away and leave me alone", in spite of its phrasing.

Initially only level 1 and level 2 parts are available, with higher level parts unlocking once the player reaches specific ranks. In addition, the cost of these parts are further increased on higher difficulty levels. The prices for the different APO parts are in DATA\PARTSHOP.TXT

APO Level Rank Unlocked Purchase Cost (Easy) Normal Hard
Level 1 99 (init equipped) 500 1000 1500
Level 2 99 100000 125000 250000
Level 3 75 200000 250000 375000
Level 4 50 300000 375000 500000
Level 5 25 400000 500000 750000
Level 6 "Cheat" 1 & Unlock Ending FMV 500 500 500
Splat Pack Lev.1 99 (init equipped) 500 1000 1500
Splat Pack Lev.2 99 30000 50000 75000
Splat Pack Lev.3 75 75000 100000 125000
Splat Pack Lev.4 50 125000 150000 200000
Splat Pack Lev.5 25 200000 250000 500000
SP Lev.6 "Cheat" 1 & Unlock Ending FMV 500 500 500