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Pedestrian Flamethrower
A screenshot of the powerup in action.
Carmageddon II's Pedestrian Flamethrower powerup icon. Carmageddon TDR 2000's Pedestrian Flamethrower powerup icon.
A powerup in Carma2, CarmaTDR
Type Item
Use Item
Amount 15 uses; 20 in CarmaTDR

The Pedestrian Flamethrower is a powerup that launches balls of fire that burn pedestrians. Pressing the key once will send out a fireball that will automatically (and slowly) chase the nearest pedestrian, provided there is one within range. If not, pressing the key will not send a fireball nor waste a use. Once the fireball hits the ped, it'll be engulfed in flames, and after some seconds, it'll die. Only 1 use per fireball, and only 1 fireball per ped.

Carmageddon II[]

If a flaming ped dies (either after 15 seconds from being scorched, or by being run over), the barbecue bonus will be earned.

To obtain it with cheats, press Caps+Shift+1 when in cheat mode or type FRYFRY.

Technical data[]

Code number 91
Fizzle type -1
Action index 49
Float parameters none
Integer parameters none
Group inclusion 0
Pratcam sequence 38
Flags (?) 66

Carmageddon: TDR 2000[]

The pedestrians take ~5 seconds to extinguish their flames, but they don't survive the burning. Their ash-filled body spasms for ~2 more seconds, and then they die.

Hitting a pedestrian while the flames are still up will grant the "barbeque bonus".

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