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Pedestrian Respawn
This powerup has no icons.
A powerup in Carma
Type Ped
Use Instantaneous

The Pedestrian Respawn powerup is a bit self-explanatory: it causes all pedestrians on the level to be reborn and respawn on their initial position. The best part is that it doesn't reset the kill count to 0, which means that there are more peds to kill to reach the limit. The number on the right of the kills used to represent the total number of peds on the map, but because they all respawned, that number now indicates the goal to win the race.

As a consequence of the new "I'm So Ronery" achievement in the iOS version of Carmageddon, this powerup was removed from the game, forcing the players to kill every pedestrian.

To obtain it with cheats, press Alt+Shift+7 when in cheat mode or type NAUGHTYTORTY.

Technical data[]

Code number 37
Icon Cpfreze.PIX
Fizzle type 0
Action index 25
Float parameters none
Integer parameters none
Group inclusion 0
Pratcam sequence 38
Net type (?) 1

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