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Pinball Glitch

A glitch in Carmageddon
Location Any level
Reproducibility Don't know
Cause Engine?
Harmless Yes

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The damage is not well processed by the engine when continued damaged is being done, resulting on an odd growth of a car's bodywork.


An easy way to reproduce this glitch is going to "Coastal Carnage". Just before the last checkpoint the road and it's right guard rail make some kind of wedge. Drive there and type in MOOSEONTHELOOSE. That will activate "Pinball mode" for 30 seconds. Then, drive into that wedge and keep accelerating once you have crashed. You will see that you car at first will receive lots of damage and suddenly, it will start to deform.


Car's bodywork grows while it's receiving damage until the cause stops. It's harmless since it "only" costs money to repair the car's components.


Maybe some kind of variable goes out of range when a non expected amount of damage is being done to a car.


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