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Piss-artist Pedestrians
A screenshot of the powerup in action.
Carmageddon II's Piss-artist Pedestrians powerup icon. Carmageddon TDR 2000's Piss-artist Pedestrians powerup icon.
A powerup in Carma2, CarmaTDR
Type Ped
Use Timed
Amount 30 seconds, 10 in CarmaTDR

The Piss-artist Pedestrians powerup makes all pedestrians on the level act as if they were drunk. They can barely walk in a straight line (though they never fall), and they don't run.

In Carmageddon: TDR 2000, this is an unused powerup. It has the same effect as the game's Groovin' Pedestrians powerup; even the icon is the same.

Carmageddon II[]

To obtain it with cheats, press Alt+Ctrl+2 when in cheat mode or type LARGEONE.

Technical data[]

Code number 62
Icon pissed
Fizzle type 0
Action index 44
Float parameters none
Integer parameters none
Group inclusion 1024
Pratcam sequence 38
Flags (?) 195


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