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Police State
The location's map.
Levels Rock And A Hard Place
Banged in the Cells
Cop a Load Of This
Missions Checkout Day
Destroy the Behemoth

The Police State is a location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000. It is the ninth and final area visited in the game.


The Police State is a large, clean area, roughly triangle shaped. It has no litter or sinking buildings, but plenty of grassy hills, bodies of water, slopes and uneven ground. The checkpoints and barriers are holograms, and the roadways are clearly marked.

There is a large transparent skyroad that runs in a triangle shape, high above the ground. Three large towers at each corner provide the way up/down.

A number of smaller unique buildings are spread across the landscape - Some are giant wheel generators, some shaped like the Police State insignia. One building is shaped like a fan, another like a cannon. Tunnels run under much of the map, connecting hangers where some police vehicles are undergoing maintenance. There are smaller, unconnected hangers under the skyroad towers.

There's an open air arena in the center of the map, under which lies the Chief of Police's Headquarters. High above the arena hovers a group of levitating platforms containing various power-ups. These platforms are extremely difficult to reach, but it is possible to reach them using a combination of Afterburner and Kangaroo on command power-ups after jumping from the skyroad.

Various police vehicles move around the area casually, including motorcycles and helicopters. Most will not harm you, except for the regular Cop Cars, and giant rolling machines called Behemoths.

Policemen and cadets roam the streets, while prisoners are kept in one area (and let out in the first mission).

A large wall surrounds the entire area; Even considering the huge gates on the North wall, there is no real escape route - this is your final destination!



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