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Carmageddon TDR 2000 mission
Population Control
The mission's map.
Location Necropolis
Type(s) Targets
Time Unknown
Targets 20
Items 0
Goals 1

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Population Control is the first mission in the Necropolis area, and the ninteenth in the game. The player must kill twenty gang members.


Forget restraint. Forget morals. Forget everything but driving, mashing and not crashing.



One of the target gangmembers

Apart from your car being a bit fragile (repairs are disabled), this is easier than it looks once you know the route. Although the gang members highlighted on your radar are spread all over the map, there's more than twenty of them - one particular area has enough goons to complete the mission. Choose a average-to-small sized vehicle, one as tough as possible.

You're aiming for the men with white vests and leopard skin trousers: There's a counter on the bottom left of your HUD. From the start, turn around and kill the gang member standing over the tunnel entrance behind you. Now get back onto the road where you started, and drive North to the end of the street. There should be a highway road sloping upwards on your left - take it (picking up the Kangaroo on command if you like). Turn left when you reach the junction, and follow this main stretch of highway round (avoiding the power-ups) until you enter a tunnel in the mountain.

Take the first right, then follow the curve around. Soon there'll be a turning on your left, and three power-ups on the right. Two of the power-ups are Slaughter Mortars, and the middle one is Instant Repair; take the mortars, but it's your choice on whether to take the repair now or later. Kill the two male gang members at the junction, then take it. It will curve left. Kill the three men stood at the tunnel exit, then drive forward and left to the front of the hilltop base. Mow down the 3 or 4 men on the ground, then go for the metal ramp next to the green wall.

This metal ramp should lead up around the top of the base in a horseshoe shape. Drive along it, knocking down the gang peds, and you'll reach a round red room. Kill all the gang-men in the room, either with your driving skills or by blasting them with Slaughter Mortars (being careful not to get caught in the explosion/hit yourself with one). If that isn't enough gang kills, continue around the path for a couple more victims.

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