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The following is a list of the 51 Power Ups available in Carmageddon (46) and the Splat Pack (+5), and the effects they cause.

The second column of the cheat listings is for edit mode shortcuts, activated by typing IBETYOUCANTPRINTCUNT.

Pedestrian related[]

These powerups affect the pedestrians in some way or another.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
(Splat Pack only) Miniature Pedestrians Icon C1 minipeds Timed 30 seconds Ctrl+8 Peds shrink smaller.
(Splat Pack only) Mollusc Pedestrians Icon C1 mollusckpeds Timed 30 seconds Ctrl+7 Peds move a lot slower.
Blind Pedestrians Icon C1 blindpeds Timed 30 seconds HAMSTERSEX Alt+Shift+6 Peds walk around without seeing the cars.
Explosive Pedestrians Icon C1 explopeds Timed 30 seconds SUPERHOOPS 5 Peds explode in a bloody mess when touched.
Giant Pedestrians Icon C1 giantped Timed 30 seconds SMALLUDDERS 3 Peds grow larger.
Pedestrian Electro-bastard Ray Icon C1 electrobast Timed 30 seconds RUSSFORMARIO Alt+5 Any peds within range are zapped and killed.
Pedestrian Harvest Icon C1 pedharvest Timed 30 seconds TRAMSARESUPER Ctrl+3 Peds stick to the car when run over.
Pedestrian Respawn Instantaneous NAUGHTYTORTY Alt+Shift+7 Respawns all dead pedestrians.
Pedestrians From Hades Icon C1 pedsfromhades Timed 30 seconds Alt+Shift+3 Supposed to make pedestrians immortal, but doesn't.
Pedestrians Glued to the Ground! Icon C1 pedsglued Timed 30 seconds SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM 2 Peds get stuck on the spot when they try to run.
Pedestrians Shown on Map Icon C1 pedsonmap Whole Race ILOVENOBBY Alt+4 Peds appear on the map as blinking dots.
Turbo Pedestrians Icon C1 turboped Timed 30 seconds FUNNYJAM 6 Peds move a lot faster.
Vesuvian Corpses Icon C1 vesuvian Timed 2 minutes ISLANDRULES Ctrl+4 Makes all corpses spew blood occasionally.

Player's car related[]

These powerups affect the car's movement, aspect, performance or behavior in some way.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
(Splat Pack only) Turbo Nutter Bastard Nitrous Icon C1 turbobast Timed 30 seconds Ctrl+9 Makes the car accelerate a lot faster.
Acme Damage Magnifier Icon C1 damagemag Timed 30 seconds WEHATEMARIO Alt+7 Damage caused to opponents is increased.
Bouncy Bouncy! (note) Icon C1 bouncybouncy Timed 30 seconds CHICKENFODDER Alt+2 Makes the car hop constantly.
Greased Tyres Icon C1 greasedtires Timed 30 seconds BENFORMARIO Alt+6 Decreases the tires' grip.
Grip-o-matic Tyres Icon C1 gripomatic Timed 30 seconds BOYSFROMTHEBUSH Ctrl+2 Messes with the tires' grip, making them unstable.
Hot Rod Icon C1 hotrod Timed 30 seconds IGLOOFUN 5 Makes the car accelerate a lot faster and lose control more easily.
Instant Handbrake Icon C1 insthbrake Timed 30 seconds SPAMFORREST Alt+Shift+2 Makes the handbrake stop all momentum.
Invulnerability! Icon C1 invulner Timed 30 seconds SPOONREASON 7 Makes the car invulnerable to any kind of damage.
Mega-turbo! Icon C1 megaturbo Timed 30 seconds SOAPYTITWANKS Alt+Shift+5 Makes the car accelerate yet faster.
Oh Dear, Bodywork Trashed! Instantaneous BIGBOTTOM Shift+3 Drops the car's loose parts.
Oh Dear, Jelly Suspension! Icon C1 jellysusp Timed 30 seconds BUYOURNEXTGAME Alt+3 Messes with the car's suspension, making it look like it's driving in jelly.
Rock Springs Icon C1 rocksprings Timed 30 seconds Ctrl+0 Messes with the car's suspension, making it harder.
Solid Granite Car! Icon C1 solidgranite Timed 30 seconds KNEEPITHAPPINESS Alt+Shift+9 Increases the car's mass a lot.
Turbo! Icon C1 turbo Timed 30 seconds Alt+Shift+4 Makes the car accelerate faster.
Underwater Ability! Icon C1 underwater Timed 2 minutes GOOGLEPLEX Shift+1 Negates underwater movement hindering.
Wall Climber! Icon C1 wallclimber Timed 30 seconds SECRETCOWS Alt+1 Makes the tires stick to walls.


These powerups don't fit in the other categories.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
5 Free Recovery Vouchers Icon C1 freerecovery Whole race ICECREAMHOLE Alt+Shift+8 Makes the next 5 recoveries free.
Credits Instantaneous 0 Grants the player some credits.


Icon C1 drugs Timed 5 seconds INTHELOFT Ctrl+1 Makes the screen wobble and the colors oscillate.
Free Repairs! Icon C1 frerepar Timed 1 minute SPAMFRITTERS 8 Makes repairing free.
Frozen Cops! Icon C1 frozencops Timed 30 seconds NASALSMEAR Shift+6 Freezes all cops on their tracks.
Frozen Opponents! Icon C1 frozenoppos Timed 30 seconds SPAMACCIDENTS Shift+5 Freezes all opponents on their tracks.
Gravity From Jupiter! Icon C1 gravityjupit Timed 30 seconds RABBITDREAMER Ctrl+5 Increases the global gravity.
Instant Repair! Instantaneous INTHEWAR 9 Instantly and fully repairs the car.
Lunar Gravity... Icon C1 lunargravity Timed 30 seconds IHAVESOMESPAM Shift+9 Decreases the global gravity.
Mega Bonus Instantaneous 1 Grants the player more credits.
Mine Instantaneous Shift+4 Causes an invisible explosion that damages the car.
Pinball Mode! Icon C1 pinball Timed 30 seconds MOOSEONTHELOOSE Alt+0 Makes things ricochet when they collide.
Time Bonus Instantaneous Shift+2 Grants a bit of extra time.
Timer Frozen! / Timer Thaw! Instantaneous SEXWITHFISH Shift+0 Freezes/thaws the timer.
Turbo Cops! Icon C1 turbocops Timed 30 seconds YAKATTAK Shift+8 Makes the cops accelerate faster.
Turbo Opponents! Icon C1 turbooppos Timed 30 seconds YUMMYLARD Shift+7 Makes the opponents accelerate faster.


There are some other powerups that don't quite qualify as such, specially the "random selection" powerups.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
(Splat Pack only) 8-bit Mine Instantaneous Ctrl+6 Acts just like a mine, but weaker.
(Splat Pack only) Got 'im in the Bollocks Instantaneous Ctrl+Shift+0 Grants the player 20000 credits.
Random Selection (28) Alt+8 Chooses a random powerup.
Random Selection (29) Alt+9 Chooses a random powerup.
Random Selection (30) Alt+Shift+0 Chooses a random powerup.
Random Selection (31) Alt+Shift+1 Chooses a random powerup.

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