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The powerups in Carmageddon 2 come out from barrels and crates. There are different styles of these containers, and they reflect the type of item that will be given. There doesn't seem to exist much coherency in this, though.

The following is a list of all the game's 98 powerups. For the cheats, the first column indicates which text to write while the game is running to active the powerup. The second is the key(s) that need to be pressed when the LAPMYLOVEPUMP cheat is in effect.

Pedestrian related[]

These powerups affect the pedestrians in some way or another. They are usually found in red crates.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
Dismemberfest Icon C2 dismemb Timed 30 seconds OOHMESSYMESS Ctrl+Shift+7 Peds lose their body parts more easily.
Ethereal pedestrians Icon C2 etherealPed Timed 30 seconds XRAYSPEKS Ctrl+Shift+8 Peds are translucent and untouchable.
Explosive pedestrians! Icon C2 explosivePed Timed 30 seconds TWATOFF 4 Peds explode in a mess of blood when touched.
Fat bastards! Icon C2 fatPed Timed 30 seconds HIPPOTART Ctrl+Alt+3 Peds grow wider and harder to hit.
Giant pedestrians! Icon C2 giantPed Timed 30 seconds MEGABUM 3 Peds grow bigger and tougher.
Groovin' pedestrians! Icon C2 groovin Timed 30 seconds GETDOWN Ctrl+Shift+9 Peds start dancing without moving from their spot.
Helium filled pedestrians! Icon C2 helium Timed 30 seconds FARTSUITS Ctrl+Alt+1 Peds float away when bumped into.
Immortal pedestrians Icon C2 immortal Timed 30 seconds ANGELMOLESTERS Alt+Shift+3 Peds can't be killed, at all.
Miniature pedestrians! Icon C2 miniPed Timed 30 seconds TINYTOSS Ctrl+8 Peds shrink smaller and easier to kill.
Mutant corpses! Icon C2 mutantCorpse Timed 30 seconds STIFFSPASMS Ctrl+4 Corpses start having spasms when touched.
Piss-artist pedestrians! Icon C2 pissArtist Timed 30 seconds LARGEONE Ctrl+Alt+2 Peds walk around slowly as if they were drunk.
Slow motion pedestrians! Icon C2 slowPed Timed 30 seconds EASYPEASY Ctrl+7 Peds move a lot slower.
Stick insects! Icon C2 stickInsects Timed 30 seconds BLOODYARTISTS Ctrl+Alt+4 Peds shrink thinner and weaker.
Stupid pedestrians Icon C2 stupidPed Timed 30 seconds LEMMINGIZE Alt+Shift+6 Peds are oblivious to the destruction around them.
Suicidal pedestrians Icon C2 suicidalPed Timed 30 seconds TAKEMETAKEME Alt+Shift+7 Peds try their hardest to get killed.
Turbo pedestrians! Icon C2 turboPed Timed 30 seconds FASTBAST 6 Peds move a lot faster.
Pedestrian electro-bastard ray Icon C2 bastardRay Timed 30 seconds FRYINGTONIGHT Alt+5 Peds within range are zapped and killed.
Pedestrian panic! Icon C2 pedPanic Timed 30 seconds MRMAINWARING Ctrl+Alt+0 Peds run around flailing their arms in panic.
Pedestrians shown on map Icon C2 pedMap Whole race DOTACTION Alt+4 Living peds show up on the map as blinking dots.
Pedestrians with greased shoes! Icon C2 greasedShoes Timed 30 seconds STICKITS 2 Peds don't get out of their spot when they try to run.
Pedestrians with stupid heads! Icon C2 stupidHeads Timed 30 seconds GOODHEAD Ctrl+3 The ped's heads grow larger.

Player's car related[]

These powerups affect the car's movement, aspect, performance or behavior in some way. They are usually found inside gray and yellow barrels.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
Acme damage magnifier! Icon C2 acmeDmg Timed 30 seconds STUFFITUP Alt+7 The damage caused to opponents is increased.
Bouncey bouncey! Icon C2 bouncy Timed 30 seconds JIGAJIG Alt+2 Makes the car hop every once in a while.
Drink driving Icon C2 drink Timed 30 seconds EVENINGOCCIFER Caps+Shift+0 Reverses the player's controls and triples his/her points.
Greased tyres! Icon C2 greasedTyres Timed 30 seconds WOTATWATAMI Alt+6 Decreases the tires' grip a lot.
Grip-o-matic tyres! Icon C2 grip-o Timed 30 seconds RUBBERUP Ctrl+2 Increases the tire's grip a lot, making it unstable.
Hot rod! Icon C2 hotRod Timed 30 seconds CLINTONCO 5 Increases the car's acceleration and makes it difficult to control.
Instant handbrake! Icon C2 instHB Timed 30 seconds EYEPOPPER Alt+Shift+2 Makes the handbrake stop all momentum.
Instant repair! Instantaneous MINGMING 9 Instantly and fully repairs the car.
Invulnerability! Icon C2 invul Timed 30 seconds SUPACOCKS 7 Makes the car completely indestructible and undamageable.
Mega-turbo! Icon C2 mega-turbo Timed 30 seconds SUPAWHIZZ Alt+Shift+5 Makes the car accelerate yet faster.
Oh dear, bodywork trashed! Instantaneous CLANGCLANG Shift+3 Makes the car drop most of its loose pieces.
Oh dear, jelly suspension! Icon C2 jelly Timed 30 seconds MRWOBBLEY Alt+3 Messes with the car's suspension, making it look like its driving on jelly.
Rock springs Icon C2 rockSprings Timed 30 seconds DUFFRIDE Ctrl+0 Messes with the car's suspension, making it drive more solidly.
Solid granite car! Icon C2 solidGranite Timed 30 seconds BIGTWAT Alt+Shift+9 Increases the car's mass by a lot.
Turbo! Icon C2 turbo Timed 30 seconds WHIZZ Alt+Shift+4 Makes the car accelerate faster.
Turbo nutter bastard nitrous Icon C2 turboNutter Timed 30 seconds FURKINELL Ctrl+9 Makes the car accelerate a lot faster.
Underwater ability! Icon C2 underwater Timed 2 minutes WATERSPORT Shift+1 Negates the water's hindering physics.
Wall climber! Icon C2 wallClimb Timed 30 seconds STICKYTYRES Alt+1 Makes the tires stick to walls.


These powerups add a certain number of slots or points to your APO. They are usually found in a pickup with a matching aspect, but can also be found inside green crates.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
Bonus armour slots Instantaneous 3 slots STRONGBONES Caps+2 Grants 3 armour slots.
Bonus offensive slots Instantaneous 3 slots NASTYBONES Caps+4 Grants 3 offensive slots.
Bonus power slots Instantaneous 3 slots FASTBONES Caps+3 Grants 3 power slots.
Bonus slots all round Instantaneous 3 slots LOADSABONES Caps+5 Grants 3 slots for every type.
Double extra armour Instantaneous 2 points OSOSTRONGSOSTRONG Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 Grants 2 armour points.
Double extra everything Instantaneous 2 points OSOVERSATILESOVERSATILE Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3 Grants 2 points of every type.
Double extra offensive Instantaneous 2 points OSONASTYSONASTY Ctrl+Alt+Shift+2 Grants 2 offensive points.
Double extra power Instantaneous 2 points OSOFASTSOFAST Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 Grants 2 power points.
Extra armour Instantaneous 1 point OSOSTRONG Ctrl+Alt+6 Grants an armour point.
Extra armour slot Instantaneous 1 slot THATSALOTOFARMOUR Ctrl+Alt+Shift+8 Grants an armour slot.
Extra everything Instantaneous 1 point OSOVERSATILE Ctrl+Alt+9 Grants a point of every type.
Extra offensive Instantaneous 1 point OSONASTY Ctrl+Alt+8 Grants an offensive point.
Extra offensive slot Instantaneous 1 slot THATSALOTOFOFFAL Caps+0 Grants an offensive slot.
Extra power Instantaneous 1 point OSOFAST Ctrl+Alt+7 Grants a power point.
Extra power slot Instantaneous 1 slot THATSALOTOFPOWER Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9 Grants a power slot.
Extra slots all round Instantaneous 1 slot THATSALOTOFSLOTS Caps+1 Grants a slot of every type.
Max armour! Instantaneous STRINGVEST Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4 Maxes out armour points.
Max everything! Instantaneous SKEGNESSES Ctrl+Alt+Shift+7 Maxes out all points.
Max offensive! Instantaneous FISTNESSES Ctrl+Alt+Shift+6 Maxes out offensive points.
Max power! Instantaneous VASTNESSES Ctrl+Alt+Shift+5 Maxes out power points.


These powerups can be stored and used when the player finds the right time. They can be found inside barrels.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
Afterburner! Icon C2 afterburner Item 10 seconds HOTASS Ctrl+Shift+1 Makes the car accelerate faster.
Kangaroo on command! Icon C2 kangaroo Item 3 uses SKIPPYPOOS Ctrl+Shift+4 Makes the car jump. Can be used in mid-air.
Mine shitting ability! Icon C2 mineShit Item 10 uses DIDEDODI Ctrl+Shift+2 Drops a mine from the car's rear.
Oil slicks from your arse! Icon C2 oilSlick Item 5 uses LIQUIDLUNGE Ctrl+Shift+3 Drops a pool of oil below the car.
Opponent repulsificator! Icon C2 oppRep Item 3 uses POWPOW Ctrl+Shift+6 Springs nearby opponents.
Pedestrian annihilator! Icon C2 pedAnihil Item 3 uses ZAZAZ Ctrl+Shift+5 Zaps any pedestrian within range.
Pedestrian flame-thrower! Icon C2 pedFlame Item 15 uses FRYFRY Caps+Shift+1 Launches a fireball that homes to the nearest ped, killing it.
Pedestrian repulsificator! Icon C2 pedRep Item 5 uses COWCOW Ctrl+Alt+5 Springs nearby living pedestrians.
Pedestrian Valium Icon C2 valium Item 5 uses INEEDAPILL Caps+Shift+2 Calms down all pedestrians momentarily.
Powerup cancellificatinizer Icon C2 powerupCancel Item 3 uses OYPOWERUPNO Caps+Shift+3 Cancels powerups (not items) in effect.
Sever tail Icon C2 severTail Item 1 use Caps+Shift+5 Cuts the mutant tail thing.
Slaughter mortar Icon C2 mortar Item 3 uses BONBON Caps+Shift+6 Shoots a mine from the car's front.


These powerups do not fit in the previous categories.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
5 free recovery vouchers Icon C2 5Free Whole race PILLPOP Alt+Shift+8 Makes the next 5 recoveries free.
Cloaking device Icon C2 cloak Timed 30 seconds GOTOINFRARED Caps+Shift+7 unused powerup. Unknown effect.
Credits Instantaneous WETWET 0 Grants the player some credits.
Credits Instantaneous GLUGLUG 1 Grants the player more credits.
Drugs!!! Icon C2 drugs Timed 5 seconds BLOODYHIPPY Ctrl+1 Makes the screen wobble and the color flash.
Free repairs! Icon C2 freeRep Timed 1 minute TINGTING 8 Makes repairs free.
Frozen cops! Icon C2 frozenCops Timed 30 seconds BLUEPIGZ Shift+6 unused powerup. No effect.
Frozen opponents! Icon C2 frozenOpp Timed 30 seconds BLUEBALZ Shift+5 Freezes opponents on their tracks.
Got 'im in the bollocks! Instantaneous Ctrl+Shit+0 unused powerup. Grants credits.
Gravity from Jupiter! Icon C2 gravJupiter Timed 30 seconds LEDSLEDS Ctrl+5 Increases the global gravity.
Lunar gravity... Icon C2 lunarGrav Timed 30 seconds MOONINGMINNIE Shift+9 Decreases the global gravity.
Mine Instantaneous Shift+4 Causes an explosion that damages the car.
Pinball mode! Icon C2 pinball Timed 30 seconds TILTY Alt+0 Makes everything ricochet with collisions.
Time bonus Instantaneous TIMMYTITTY Shift+2 Grants some extra time.
Timer frozen! / Timer thaw! Instantaneous STOPSNATCH F8 Freezes or thaws the timer.
Turbo cops! Icon C2 turboCops Timed 30 seconds PIGSMIGHTFLY Shift+8 unused powerup. No effect.
Turbo opponents! Icon C2 turboOpp Timed 30 seconds SWIFTYSHIFTY Shift+7 Makes the opponents accelerate faster.
Wow! A mutant tail thing! Icon C2 wowTail Whole race BIGDANGLE Caps+Shift+4 Grows a spiked tail on the car's back.


There are some other powerups that don't quite qualify as such, specially the "random powerup" powerups.

Name Icon Use Amount Cheat (string) Cheat (key combo) Brief description
8-bit mine Instantaneous Ctrl+6 Works like a regular mine.
Random APO Caps+6 Selects a random APO powerup.
Random APO potential Caps+7 Selects a random APO powerup.
Random good APO Caps+8 Selects a random APO powerup.
Random selection (28) Alt+8 Selects a random powerup.
Random selection (29) Alt+9 Selects a random powerup.
Random selection (30) Alt+Shift+0 Selects a random powerup.
Random selection (31) Alt+Shift+1 Selects a random powerup.
Time substitution powerup Caps+9 Selects a random APO powerup.

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