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The "quit" screen is where the player confirms if they really want to quit the game and return to DOS/Windows/MacOS. Logically, this screen is only present in the PC versions, because when playing on a console, there is no need to ask the player if they are sure they wants to shut it off. The mobile version is the exception: the player is prompted the question to return to the mobile's main menu[confirmation needed].


This screen features several amusing captions, much like Doom, and can be accessed from several other menus, or from the shortcut key: Ctrl+Q/Cmd+Q. The 3 captions are:

  • Return to a life where you don't get internal organs in your hair?
  • Return to real-life, including kids, shopping and toilet training pets?
  • Give up the joys of bursting open civilians and return to a life of reason?

Carmageddon II[]

Carmageddon II doesn't confirm the player's exit. The shortcut key is still Ctrl+Q/Cmd+Q.

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

This screen is much simpler than Carmageddon's. The game merely asks "Are you sure you want to quit TDR 2000?".

Carmageddon (Mobile)[]

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  • In some recent computers, if Carma or Carma2 is exited by pressing Alt+F4, the process will still remain in the background. Quitting the game using this menu (or Ctrl+Q) will assure that the process is killed.

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