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In the Carmageddon games, when the player completes a level, some race bonuses are awarded, based on how the player performed during the race. These increase the player's credits, and, unlike regular bonuses, their values depend on how much the player deserved it. They are normally awarded using the remaining time and the number of pedestrians killed.

These bonuses, and the final score calculation, can be skipped by pressing Enter. In the first two games, the timer will decrease and the on-screen message number will increase. After it's elapsed, the message's number will decrease, and the credits will increase.

Carmageddon and Carmageddon II[]

  • Completion bonus: Gives credits depending on how the race was completed.
    • Wasting or racing:
      • Easy: 20'000 credits.
      • Medium: 10'000 credits.
      • Hard: 5'000 credits.
    • Killing:
      • Easy: 75'000 credits.
      • Medium: 50'000 credits.
      • Hard: 30'000 credits.
  • Time bonus: Grants credits based on the time remaining.
    • Easy: 15 credits per second.
    • Medium: 10 credits per second.
    • Hard: 5 credits per second.

Carmageddon TDR 2000[]

  • Completion bonus: Awards credits for completing the race.
    • Easy: 25'000 credits.
    • Medium: 20'000 credits.
    • Hard: 17'000 credits.
  • Time bonus: Grants 20 credits per second remaining in the timer.
  • No recovery bonus: 30'000 credits. Only awarded if the player didn't recover the car a single time in the whole race.

This bonus is only received on missions:

  • Peds impressed bonus: Gives credits depending on how many pedestrians were killed. Exact values are unknown.

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