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C1 race info

The race info screen on the first race.

The race info screen in Carmageddon (and the Splat Pack) shows a brief description about some of the select level's details, such as the the number of laps and a description of the circuit.


On the left side of the screen, green text is written describing the race. It starts by pointing the location, followed by the pedestrian count, the approximate length of a lap, in miles, and the number of laps. After that, a paragraph briefly describes the race. While this information is useless most of the time, its aim is to be humorous.

When the view info button is clicked, it changes to view racers.

Carmageddon (PlayStation)[]

Much simpler than Carmageddon, and it's not quite a menu. Upon choosing this option, some text will appear over the race's image. This text lists the location, number of laps, checkpoints and opponents.

As with Carmageddon, when the player chooses this option, it's renamed to view racers.

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