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C1 rank screen

The rank increase screen at the end of a race.

Rank is what determines a player's status in Carmageddon and Carmageddon Splat Pack. The starting rank for players is a lowly 99 - the aim is to work your way up to number 1.

In the first game and its expansion pack, the levels are not in groups; instead, each level has a corresponding rank number. Players can only enter levels close to their current rank, which usually provides a choice of 5 or so different levels to play at any time. This means that experienced players cannot play earlier levels, and beginners can't play on more advanced levels. When the last level is completed, all others are unlocked to play, regardless of rank.


The current rank is increased when the player completes a race. The amount of credits the player earns on the race is directly linked to the resulting rank increase. The increment can be from 0 to 5. The intervals for a rank increase, by difficulty, are specified on the GENERAL.TXT data file, on the 8th line: 20'000 on easy, 35'000 on medium, 40'000 on hard.

Rank increment Easy difficulty Medium difficulty Hard difficulty
From To From To From To
0 0 19'999 0 34'999 0 39'999
1 20'000 39'999 35'000 69'999 40'000 79'999
2 40'000 59'999 70'000 104'999 80'000 119'999
3 60'000 79'999 105'000 139'999 120'000 159'999
4 80'000 99'999 140'000 174'999 160'000 199'999
5 100'000 175'000 200'000

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