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Eagle 3 in a repair process from nearly wasted to fully functional.

During a race, the player's car takes damage, and it's recommended to repair the car in order to make it function correctly. Players have the ability to repair damage from their car at any time during a race. But obviously, this costs money, and sometimes it may be best to wait for a while rather than repairing every piece of damage you take. There are situations in which the player cannot repair at all, because something doesn't allow the car to grow back to full shape. This can happen if the player is in a very tight spot, or under an opponent or heavy object.

General info[]

The process is quite simple, as the player only needs to press/hold a single key/button, and the car will start to gain its shape back, reattach missing bodywork and heal component damage, as if it were magic. While different parts of the car may be damaged to different degrees, all of the car is repaired equally at the same rate. Collecting a Free Repairs powerup will not charge the player for the repair process.

The player can choose to repair only a certain amount of damage, by only pressing the Repair key for a short time. This is useful to repair a critical component, but not to waste much more money. There is a small technique, in which the player can repair the car to 100% without having to hold the key until the process is finished. Double pressing (like a double-click) the key will make the game automatically and fully repair the vehicle until it reaches 100%.

CPU players[]

The CPU opponents, unlike the human player, cannot repair when in a race, at all. Even if they collect an Instant Repair powerup, because powerups only take effect when collected by human players. Like the human player, all cars, including opponents are at 100% efficiency at the start of every single race.


Pressing these keys/buttons will repair the car, unless the player changed the default key.

As for the Game Boy Color game, the car can't be repaired, because it uses a different health method.


  • There are situations where the car is so damaged that its structure doesn't even allow it to move. In such times, pressing the repair key will also recover the car, for some reason.
  • In the Carmageddon II demos, opponents could repair.
  • With Funsize showcasing powerups affecting opponents, Instant Repair now indeed allows opponents to repair.

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