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Carmageddon 64 mission
Revenge of the Exploding Dead!
[[Image:|200px|The mission's map.]]
Location Dusty Trails Quayside Complex
Group 7
Type Checkpoints
Time 10:29

Laps 3
Checkpoints 5
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Revenge of the Exploding Dead! is the seventh mission in Carmageddon 64. You mission is to complete 3 laps of the course... avoiding as many zombies as possible.


The Undead are unhappy! And have decided to put a stop to their kin becoming Curb Kebabs! An elite force of sun loving coffin dodgers charged with explosives, have flooded the coast. These zombies have only one thing on their worm addled minds, the destruction of the fun known as 'CARMAGEDDON!' You must complete the race avoiding the unstable undead, otherwise you will be blown to smithereens!


A lot of the coastal roads are covered with crowds of zombies, which explode on contact. There are also mines laid in the road, and sometimes hidden in the middle of a pile of powerups.

There are ways around and through the zombie hordes. If you must hit a zombie, hit one or two, then repair - hitting several at once will waste you instantly. The quay and its surrounding buildings are one of the only places that there are no zombies on this level, so they can be sped through (avoiding the odd craftily-placed mine!).

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