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Carmageddon Splat Pack level
Ring of Fire
The level's map.
Location Hell
Rank 1
Time 3:00
Opponents 5
Laps 6
Lap length 4.4 miles
Checkpoints 8
Peds 666
Cops 0

Ring of Fire is the 21st and final level in the Splat Pack. It is unlocked at Rank 1.


You're bad. You always knew it, and here's the proof. The elite of Carma's ranks invited to a special contest, & the winner gets to see his opponents crash & burn... & burn... & burn...


  • The Hell environment is only used for this one level.
  • "Ring Of Fire" is a country song by Johnny Cash: It's actually about love, although to be fair he was comparing it to hell.
  • There are 666 peds in this level. Just saying.
    • The info on this track lies, as the number of laps is actually the amount of pedestrians here while there are just 6 laps (you thought they would make you do laps day & night with no rest? Surprise, They're not that cruel!)

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