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Carmageddon II level
Roll Up, Roll Over...
The level's map.
Location Mr. Jolly Fairground
Group 7
Opponents 9
Laps 8
Checkpoints 8
Peds 168

Roll Up, Roll Over is the twenty-sixth level in Carmageddon II, located on the Mr. Jolly Fairground. The track goes through the stunt track.


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At the starting grid, turn round and go the wrong way round the track until you get to the 3-tier level on the left, with a movable tree at the bottom of the ramps. Use the highest level ramp to jump up, on to the grassed area where you previously had to kill the clowns. Right at the end are APO Extra Slot powerup.

It is unknown if this is a glitch or intentional, but finding the blue APO Extra slot powerup stays with the player if they fail the mission. That means you can replay this mission over and over, get the power-ups then intentionally waste yourself (to quickly end the mission), until you get the max slots for this group (22). These 22 slots, when fully upgraded, are plenty to completely finish the game without the need for any cheats at all.

You could also keep replaying as once maxed, these slots are still worth 50,000 credits each. Handy to pay for the upgrades to use these slots and to purchase vehicles.

Its also the first time we see the higher-level vehicles. That means when the desired 'heavy' vehicle is chosen as an opponent, you can play the level as normal, to win and waste all opponents, and only collect the power ups when the timer permits. Once you have your desired vehicle, its still better to utilise Max/Anna for their speed and manuouverability when you go back to collecting power-ups and wasting.

(Once you finish the game, you can replay any mission from any group. Mother Trucker maxed in this fashion is hard enough to win the Trucking Hell level with a simple full-speed head-on collision, implying that Mother Trucker is actually harder, and cheaper, than the dumper truck)

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