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Carmageddon Splat Pack[]

Carmageddon Splat Pack driver
Blood Mobile
Internal opponent number 13
Strength (1 - 5) 5
Network availability Never

Short name (?) Sawbones
Race number 911
Top speed 100 mph
Kerb weight 2.0 tons
0 - 60 mph in 9.6 seconds
Stealworthy No
"Psycho surgeon Sawbones is almost always the first to arrive on the scene of an accident. Usually he caused it."



Animated mugshot

  • Sawbones = Saw Bones. Saw-Bones is a nickname for surgeons, especially when amputation technology/medicine was not present, and doctors had to saw limbs or bones off to save the patient.
  • A 'Blood Mobile' is a coach which has been converted into a portable blood donation clinic. The Carmageddon vehicle appears to simply be a claret-soaked ambulance.
  • The basis for the Bloodmobile appears to be the ambulance package of a 1990 Ford Econoline van, now better known as the Ford E-Series.
  • The Bloodmobile's race number is 911 - the telephone number for the North American emergency services.
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