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For the sound files, see Sounds.

The sound menu screen is where the player can change some options regarding the game's sound effects and music.
In the N64 and PlayStation games, these settings are part of the options menu.

Carmageddon & Splat Pack[]

The sound options menu can only be accessed when playing the DOS version of the game (CARMA.EXE). In the Windows version (CARM95.EXE) the menu is blocked, informing the player to use the Sound Control Panel in Windows instead.

  • Effects volume: This sets the volume for the in-race sounds.
  • Music volume: Does nothing as it was meant for the cut MIDI music.

Carmageddon: TDR 2000[]

These are the options that can be changed:

  • Engine volume: The higher this is, the louder the car's engine is.
  • Music volume: This sets the volume for the in-race music.
  • Menu music volume: This sets the volume for the music that plays on menus.
  • Mute all sounds: If checked, all sound effects and music are muted.
  • Speaker configuration: An image illustrates a speaker set-up, and the player must click on it until the appropriate set-up is selected. The options are:
    • Double speakers: One on each side of the monitor.
    • Headphones: Recommended if the player is hearing the game through a set of headphones.
    • Surround: If the player's speakers are set-up in a surround sound system, this is recommended to allow 3D sounds. For instance, if a pedestrian is screaming from behind the player's car, his/her scream will be heard from the back speaker.
    • Quadruple speakers: Two on each side of the monitor.

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